CH201 How To Water & Fertilize Cannabis From Seed To Flower rQuLziXhP5M

An overview on how to water your cannabis plants and the different types of fertilizers available for your plants as well as their pros, cons, and application.


  1. I would say the keys to success are getting your light source figured out (either buying good lights, or growing outdoors with lots of sun) and finding a good line on seeds or clones. Genetics are the absolute most important thing. After that it's probably space, container size and the room you have to fit your plants into. The rest kind of takes care of itself for the most part.

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  3. Holy shit !! Wish I would’ve found this video weeks ago …. I’ve been so confused watching so many videos and this one just made it all so simple!!! Thanks for this content!!

  4. How do we have 35 thumbs down to this video…. It's amazing… direct and easy to understand… I'm growing my first hemp three inside a bucket that I use this channel as an example. Learning a lot with your channel! Thank you! PS: I have a blog with my experience…. if anyone is interested to see the struggles of a noobie growing for the first time, I can leave the link here! Cheers!!!!!

  5. Thanks man for the knowledge I was completely blank and noob about every thing and now I have something to work with and compare to many other things. Thank you very much! 🤘

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