1. Love the channel! I am very impressed with both the hemp and their customer service! They're also sponsoring live stream music shows which makes me even more of a fan!!

  2. I used code live but only was sent one oz and they told me to make a second order and purchased again and still didnt recieve the free oz like they said they would two thumbs down for me and I reached out again and never emailed back bad customer service

  3. How does this compare to indoor strain?If I buy a zip its indoor. For outdoor I trust is Arete and Monrow Farms.
    I tend to stick with FLW indoor that Pineapple Dream is a Dream for sure fam.
    Sienna Haze is good too.
    Hows the smoothness if you compared this to indoor?
    I heard Rogue Origins best offering is the Bubba Kush.
    Great video once again. Stay safe and be blessed👊✌

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