CBD Enhances Body Balance

Many studies have revealed numerous benefits to taking CBD. While it differs from individual to individual – most experts agree that CBD tends to create a …


  1. I will be 67 in November. Been using the oil for about 2 weeks and the jury is out for me because there’s too much going on in my life for me to have a clear judgment on how it’s benefiting me. I am in the middle of a move after 20 years in one house so I was taking it to calm my stomach and I’m having of course aches and pains from all this packing and lifting. Otherwise I am in good condition I walk and do toning exercises but I have a bad IBS gut and always have so that’s why I was taking it but I have noticed the last three nights I’ve actually slept longer periods of time instead of like one hour or two hours and then awake two hours so the later I take it at night maybe the better it is for me and then I take it once in the morning five drops

  2. Uh did you say you were 67? NO WAY! I am sure I heard you wrong. If you think CBD is good you should research CBG oil same concept same plant but more benefits it's not the buzz yet but the research findings are out of this world.

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