1. My garden in Wyoming is food only. Hope to grow cannabis without fear of incarceration one day. No medical, no hemp after state law greenlighted it. The U.S. government gave cannabis to the Canadians after WWII we are slowly coming back. Good on Canada eh!

  2. Lol I told you about k2 a year ago on a few occasions as I have severe osteoarthritis in my neck & it was fusing. Well glad you found it. Hope the Mexico clinic helps. Much luck.

  3. That is great information re. K2 and D. I also heard that you need a lot of magnesium when taking D. AND magnesium also helps us deal with the the EMFs from Wi-Fi , smart meters and phone towers.

  4. If you haven’t had luck with other vaporizers I would highly recommend checking out a storz and bickel product such as the volcano! I find that the vapor is not harsh at all while still providing a desirable experience. You’re strength is such an inspiration, keep it up!

  5. Hey Chef, you should try the Pax3. I know you mentioned you didn't care for vapes, but it's a smooth way to go if you wanted to medicate all day without the irritations of smoke. I really enjoy mine, the terps are amazing and the high is clean and more uplifting compared to smoking in my experience. Peace and much love.

  6. Use a medical device to vaporize ACS 200 which is the only FDA approved colloidal silver directly into your lungs. Take it orally every day as well. There's an excellent gel for skin problems of any type. Next, there's a good type of chemo therapy your Doctor can put you on under health care benefits. They are using very high doses of Vitamin C in cancer treatment now and they put it intravenously. High Vitamin C through the stomach will rot your guts out. You can watch You tube videos from Dr. Garry Gordon who practices medicine in Arizona. It's my understanding that because of nature's makeup of the silver molecule on the periodic table along with its' unique electron makeup on the outer shell, that it has a different charge opposite to than the bad bacteria and viruses. It's beneficial effects combine with its' nanoparticle size and therefore it is able to penetrate outer cell membranes easily and also get through the nucleus of the bad cell actors. It helps combined with other therapies. For disclosure, I have no interests in this Company. It is not a cheap product in American Dollars.

  7. I know the vaporizer for you that isn't hot at all! I use it all the time and the feeling is the closest to smoking. It's a dry herb vaporizer. It's the Boundless CFX. Dude I'm telling you, you must try it!

  8. Hello chef. I've been watching you for a couple of years now. It's been a while as I had to leave my home again due to the spraying above. I just happen to finish watching an herbalist and I thought of you. So I go to your channel and behold I knew just when I saw you that something had changed. Then you mentioned your Arthur issues. That's what my mom calls it. I helped her get hers under control by changing her diet. Here is a youtube channel that might help you with the Arthur and any other ailments. So glad to see you continuing to do what you love. All the best. https://www.youtube.com/user/HerbsPlusBeadWorks/videos?app=desktop

  9. Whoever disliked this video is the reason chef B is signing out you people are sick fucks the guy isn't well and is battling cancer take a sweet fuck off and report some other channel. Im a new subscriber and this man isn't doing any wrong at all and I thank him for showing the world that its a medicine not a crime.

  10. Yo Chef Derek, The Heat is back up this year! Its like 70 or better till 4am, but relative humidity isn't a full dew yet,,,its so much better than the 56 or 48 by 7pm the last 5 years,,,if it was gonna be a sweater right after dinner every day, I'd prefer at a lake, Trump and Amazon and Bhang Cheng have check on purpose,,,might as well pay. Its never that a guy with so many real sweetheart wife's,,that we would be in a lost so backwards as Plumber Butt Zombie,,,real edit, I don't wanna see the shit! So your invited, it'll be somewhere near Leech Lake or Itasca, unless its near MapleWood Park! We HAVE TO make brawny wheat,,,my last year stuff heaps with Red Flame Weed, and elm, and poplar! Unless we gotta hire some good lads to learn a mill! I can't eat this clown shit, we have milk, ND Pork with low "guilt", and way to cheap on steak,,,fill in the rest at an Express Size Grocer,,,and they gotta have us out of Hedron this summer! Luckily but crusty, the school got new Sewer Conduit! A face lift but it never cleans up. Sad, well Fart. But really there's no way to hock 9 shipping back as old 50 60 reissue, such as DH gate. They got low profile bridge and body, and real neck. Alibaba has too, but they have high riser,,,and its all under 700.00 bucks. No Amp yet? A joint, ? Never heard of it, you mean them Elmy match smelling things? I hope the bog slop last summer in Superior Harbor isn't try much Gaucho-y affect. Have a nice day, looks nice!

  11. what happened to yesterday video.did u have to take it down.i was at work.you started out about how your doing and cbd knowledge.i wanted to hear more on the cbd you are using.. you got to much time in for YouTube to close you.i hope they don't.if they do sue them.stay positive chef.

  12. Shame on YOU tube FOR BEING SUCH HATERS!

  13. You've got to have winston put a awning on the back side of your trailer , so you can kick back and enjoy the outside whatever the weather's like !!!! (-: …. I think you'll win this battle with youtube , No worries mate !!

  14. Youtube is shutting me down again. I just received a strike for the outdoor cannabis video. For some reason, Youtube thinks my videos are dangerous and harmful. Two more strikes and I am gone.

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