Cannabis Cultivation Using Light Deprivation: Kevin Jodrey – Green Flower Cultivation Course

Revered cannabis cultivator, breeder and Emerald Cup judge Kevin Jodrey demonstrates some of the finer nuances of light deprivation techniques for growing, …


  1. To grow crops is less quality and they talk about purposly lowering genetics and early run and late run nah usually just one run but all the bs and laws think they can rewrite natural plant enviroments like what they do to animals should be illegal its abuse

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  3. I love the the way Kevin consistently brings the point that these tools have their issues/benefits and all tools, cultivars etc.ultimately need to be tuned to your specific environment and situation to work out properly. Which ultimately leads someone in the direction of working with their habitat/environment and understanding it as opposed to struggling to impose your will upon it… I believe these are initial thoughts that can lead to looking further…& wanting to learn more… about things like regenerative/no till/organic/biodynamic/KNF ways of cultivating as well. Intelligence, experience, solid knowledge, positive intentions/practices, and hecka motivated to share what you have learned with your community…BIG UP Kevin Jodrey!

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