Black Dosi Fire Marijuana Monday

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  1. Remo! Young Blood! Mrs Grower! Stella & Cat!! Lol! This looked like some killer buds y'all! Wow the cutaway…lol! Great Mari Monday! Cheers! Keep up the great show Remo! More grow vids too!!!

  2. It's really nice that you tempt us with amazing stuff every week ! It would be great if you guys could give us more of a smell-o-vision, meaning that you need to get a terpene chart and list off 2, 3 or 4 of the more dominant ones… we need frames of reference ! Chances are many of us can only imagine what quality smells and tastes like… to give us a better idea… need to talk more about the taste the smell! We want more!

  3. Dos SI Do is one of my favorite strains has a good effect on me as well as gorilla glue #4 those buds look luscious with a high trichome density your grow is fantastic man just wanted to say that love the amount of time you put into your grow rooms.

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