[ASMR] Amazing Light Touch Tracing- Spine Tingling Back Massage

Asmr #Tracing #lighttouch You Join me in this light touch tracing back massage so good its spine tingling. This is following on from the facial where i was …


  1. Thank you for using both hands and keeping it pretty even! I notice that some videos only use one hand and favor one side- symmetry is best

  2. You need your own television show called "Relaxing with Shane"..shane shows you how to relax without any drugs that causes harmful side effects, CAUTION: you may experience These following side effects tingling, relaxation, drowsiness, weakness, snoring, feeling sleepy , this may affect your ability to wake up and move around so be careful…and there is no need to consult your doctor or pharmacist..

  3. This video is more amazing with my headphones on!!!!!..and if I happen to wake up , I say self, Self says what ,self say hmmmm the video has ended..so Self says well start it over and back to sleep I go..

  4. Wow… I actually hear your video unlike 99% of the other dumb fucks on YT making these vids. Thank you knowing how to actually do shit and not being an ignorant fucking cow like all the so-called "ASMR ARTISTS".

  5. Amazing audio Shane it’s soooooo pleasing the sound of light tracing ! Could you do a scalp massage with audio like this ?
    Thanks so much for the asmr ! Have a good day

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