Ask Alabama: Could Alabama solve it's problems with legal weed?

Today we look at some common arguments for how legalization of marijuana could help Alabama solve it’s problems.


  1. I need we to help lie train rides to come relax and it helps my sleep so I can sleep at night and rest and stress and it will help me to be better please give it where it will be illegal in Alabama

  2. Colorado made 19MILL from weed sales the first month it was made legal. They make so much they give money back to citizens in the state. So long story short, yes it will fix the problems.

  3. legalizing it is not as bad as you think and not a good as you think.
    It's not going to make a city any more crime ridden and it won't solve
    all your financial problems.

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  5. Bet many other drug abuser that love downers would start smokeing weed istead of doing other downer that will kill them i used weed to get off meth and pills best choice i ever made

  6. Thing is… the older generation just doesn't want to change will happen, I Will take time but eventually a majority of people will see marijuana for what it is.. a natural plant That is very helpful in many ways.

  7. If we want to smoke, sale and grow marijuana in Alabama we "MUST" get involved in the decision process. Stop waiting on people to do it for us. I'm not a smoker but want to sale it "LEGALLY" because I see the financial freedom it can cause. Im so serious about this and want to do a great job at it. My voice will be heard and if Alabama follows Illinois foot steps we will be tax to death if we want to open a dispensary and the only people making money on us will be the fat rats…million and million of dollars are waiting on us to make..who wants to help me make a few..hit me up and lets get a business plan together…I need you to be absolutely serious.

  8. even with only decreasing less then 1% of the prison pop. the population would decrease even more because when you high on marijuana you not thinking about killing, stealing, or even fighting you thinking about how hungry and sleepy you are..

  9. The problem is that there are too many Christians and Christians HATE weed just look at how many churches are in alabama . Every time you turn a street corner there is a fucking church

  10. They NEED to legalize this wonderful medicine or at least decrease the class of it. I hate this fucking state. If I could move, i would. I would love to not have to take another pain pill again.

  11. It doesn't matter if it gets people out of prison or benefits the state financially, it's just taking rights away from people and some of those people need CBD as treatment but can't because it won't "benefit the state" to legalize weed. Currently in my city you can buy CBD from Hemp Flower (less than 1% THC) without a license, this is how it should be EVERYWHERE, and I say BUY you can BUY it but if you try to smoke in public, even though it's legal you can still be arrested for it. Even if you don't smoke, I urge you to look at some of the medical benefits of CBD. Help push us in the right direction.

  12. California just turned 60 billion in the first quarter after going recreational, and it's been medicinal for years .
    Plus what it could add to agriculture , in hemp products , you can do anything with hemp from medicine to building homes,
    It's takes 2x the amount of Carbon monoxide out if our atmosphere and produces 2x the amount of oxygen back into the atmosphere,
    Plus God your Heavenly Father told you in the beginning in Genesis 1 vrs 29 and 30 that if it seeds he created it for you and that it was GOOD! and the first thing Your Father told Noah after the great flood was to do what?
    It shouldn't be about money but that's the only thing politicians/attorneys understand, it really should be about creating commerce and competing on another level besides cozing up to a militant dictatorship communist nation.

  13. damn dude so 200 million dollars isn't good enough for Alabama? And criminalizing people who aren't harming anyone is good or the state? Also objectively weed is less harmful than alcohol and nobody would even think of making that illegal again. You said that it would only move the needle a little bit, but even a little bit is better than nothing. Progress only starts with a little bit of movement at first.

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