Antimatter – How it is made [2019]

Currently the only way to make antimatter is by smashing protons against a wall. Talk about raw methods. But this is not just any wall, it is a wall made of iridium …


  1. it sounded very good for believers, but as science all is part of great scam run on public money. you will only comprehend my point when man become familiar with real structure of nuclei. not the current agreed assumption by men ignorant of facts.
    Full science information in my 1975 Bremen Summerhouse notes or by official permission / request of Madam chancellor Angela Merkel I will instruct their release. Ferydoon Shirazi. MG1

  2. I'm a little high right now but hear me out.
    What if anti-matter is not expelled by gravity but has negative mass meaning in normal thoughts, it is expelled by gravity. And that's why it's so hard to find – it's only found where you find no gravity i.e. the darkest parts of the universe.
    If enough if it collects, you might find a bit of a white hole or what we call the birth of the universe. Rinse and repeat.

  3. Considering that a super long burn of conventional fuels can get you to 10 percent the speed of light (as mentioned in your warp drive episode) wouldn't it be easier / more practical to do a VERY long term burn of a fusion reactor design? (or is that the 'conventional fuel' you were describing previously?).

  4. Very interesting.
    But I thought atnimatter is far more powerfull then mentioned in this video. The Tsar bomba did transform just 1 gram or so of mass into energy. So 0,5 g of antimatter annihilating with 0,5 g of normal matter should produce just as a powerfull explosion as Tsar bomba. This would be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction but also a lot more clean then nuclear fission bombs wich leaves a lot of exotic highly radioactive isotopes. Antimatter only would produce a very strong burst of gamma rays but leave no radioactive isotopes behind because of it's efficient energy production.

  5. So dies that mean anti matter us made from anatomic collision breaking up a particle by targeting the higgs particle…

    But requires an magnetic field to hold it…meaning a magnetic chamber that is angled fur the curvature of antimatter particles? Isnt thiswhat a fusion tanks does?

    But wont ladies bodies like planets produce Antimatter at areas like the poles or equator….maybe..because of the planets core rotations…maybe?

    Dies that mean anti matter is Einsteins accelerating upwards force…in terms of gravity…


  7. I understand the process explained in the video but I'm confused as to the exact physics behind isolating the antimatter. How does this process circumvent the bound nature of the antimatter/matter relationship?

  8. The fact that they want to use hydrogen molecules in the experiments of matter and anti matter is very terrifying idea especially for a just starting out Research

  9. You call anti matter the same mas particles with opposite electric charge – this is not correct created definition in physics, most accurate would be anti charge matter. It is only definition that does not mean that opposite charge create anti gravity – most likely not. Anti matter ( as opposite charge) most likely has the same gravitational interaction as regular matter (attracts each other) nothing absolutely nothing suggest other way. Charge is property of field not a matter – charge can exist separate from matter. The smallest amount of matter that charge can be bound to is mass of electron. After all if opposite charge created anti gravity we would already known that because electric field is well known by science.

  10. I think humans are capable of the worst harm pain and suffering that all the universe has the ability to create. So I can not over overly state that it is the most important thing for us to be able to create ways to travel our universe so we can bring our thugish methods to other life forms that may require our assistance in oppressing them and sharing our God given gift of being insane egocentric beings. Keep on helping us science you truely show us so much potential

  11. Look, if there were anti matter, it would be attached to matter, if you understand electrons and protons, you should understand that opposite attraction rules apply here as well. If matter was separated from anti matter, it would cancel both out upon contact and become neutral matter basically, the theories and theorists are getting carried away with egos and grant grabbing motives, leading the scientific community into a dark and ignorant place! We would then exist in a neutral matter universe and you should not be able to find anti matter or matter, just regular neutral matter that we most likely are bathing in on a daily basis. If anyone needs me, I will be knitting a sweater out of your "string theory"

  12. One day we’ll finally make 100g of it and then something will go wrong and will blow up the entire facility and then the governments will be like “BAN THE SH*T OUT OF ANTI-MATTER PROJECTS”

  13. At speeds close to 'c', a manned trip to the nearest star ⭐would be possible, with the astronaut having subconscious memories of his trip when he/she returns, years younger than his/her companions.

  14. There's no mystery about whether antimatter falls in gravity. Of course it does. Even LIGHT falls in gravity. If matter fell in gravity and antimatter was repelled, light would not be doing either one. But it does, because everything falls in gravity.

  15. "Hey, Jim, what's happening?" Take this hard hat and lawn chair, and just sit by the collection apparatus. Yeah, I'm gonna need you to just make sure it doesn't annihilate, m'kay? That'd be great…

  16. The video is well presented, but why did you not mention production of antimatter by pulsed lasers? It is a far more promising avenue for large scale production than particle accelerators…

  17. Timestamp 4:28. "The world needs 65000 tons of uranium per year to generate 400 gigawatts of electricity". Or so you say. Even though you are quoting (probably misquoting) a professional body, anybody who would publish a misleading statement like that doesn't deserve to be listened to. A gigawatt is NOT a unit of energy. A gigawatt*hour is. Did you mean 400 gigawatt*years, or what did you mean?? The statement as it stood was meaningless and stupid and should have been caught in your proof reading. Statements like that, when formally published on YouTube, are a clue that people should not waste their time listening any further. It's like those so-called health food authorities who don't even know how to pronounce the chemical or biological names of the products they are flogging, but they think they will succeed simply because of their abundant wavy hair, good looks or sweet voices. So why not just replace your video ?? Why do I have to keep doing this?

  18. There are a lot of uneducated persons creating this video and subscribing to the lies told.

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Anti-matter is energy, so the title alone should scare educated people away.

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