1. Why isn't marijuana not legal through out every state and all around the world donald Trump make it legal it like medicine it even cures cancer legalize it.

  2. Fact: ppl on all social levels have, are & will use it. The real topic is will the money from it keep going to other countries or will it be changed to go to Americans?

  3. Cough syrup is medicine, i don't generally see kids chugging that because they think it's "safe". Maybe instead of using kids as a fear mongering tactic to keep it illegal how about you leave it to the parents to teach their kids why its not a good idea for them to smoke at that young of an age. You know educate them about it instead of demonizing it.

  4. Pain pills kill people, Alcohol kills people, marijuana and proved time and time over it does nothing but good things for many illnesses , and no one has ever died from it. So, I don't get it? Someone please explain to me, what things that will kill you are legal, and something that does nothing but helps, these people have to argue about???

  5. Individual perception itself is not reality. If perception were reality humans would be omniscient. Perception is the human emotional reaction to reality.

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