Adding worms to cannabis pots. Why Red Wigglers are beneficial to organic plants!

I show you how I collect worms from my worm bin and add them to my 50 gallon fabric pots with organically grown cannabis, and I talk about why I do this.


  1. This video is the reason I use clover cover crop now. When I first watched this I was blown away by how much more green and dope those clover make the potted plants look. I might try the worms some day, but man those clover are cool, nice vid 🤙

  2. I experimented with this myself, but i was concerned about a food source for the worms so i ended up sticking a pvc tube into the soil, and i would fill that with scraps so the worms could eat then go back out into the soil and drop castings. I used a tube that could take a screw on cap so as to prevent flying insects getting into the scraps. I was always worried about the soil drying out too much. I know they are just worms, but are living creatures nonetheless

  3. Your worms only eat what the microbes break down.. Remember you're feeding the soil 😉 id mix the rock phsophate with some crushed egg shells but im sure the grit in the soil is enough for them. Id also put them in a clump with food to reproduce and then put some more food on the opposite side to disperse.

  4. Worms are also a good way to “measure” how the soil is doing, ie health worms, healthy soil. Dying worms, not a good sign. I know this applies to general gardening, so would also make sense here. Also worms come up when it rains(watering) to avoid drowning. Early bird gets the worm, as the morning dew brings the worms up.

  5. Thank you for the video. So, you just introduce worms to your soil which has compost in it, and then add other organic top feeds WITHOUT any of the liquid/inorganic ones, right? And if yes, will your plant be as vigorous as when you supply them with all that inorganic stuff?

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