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  1. Share dilution is immense, this tiny tiny company made about ~100 million dollars issuing new shares and making the existing ones less worth. When you talk about a small company like High-Tide, you have to consider why they are publicly traded at all. The main point of High-Tide being a publicly traded company, is to genetate money. They do so by issuing new shares, while making existing ones less worthy. Some companies do that to expand their business faster but some CEO's might only have personal interest in this money. I know youre a optimist and I do not dislike you because of that. But you have to be realistic about certain points and if there is one thing missing on your channel that is bear case scenarios / potential risks. I dont know if you do this on purpose but I think you should leave out emotions when researching stocks. And I have the very certain feeling that you like what a company is doing and then look for positive aspects about is. Your channel is missing technical analysis, actual deep dives into the numbers (eg. whats the actual annual share dilution percentage, whats the expected growth in earnings). High-Tide will not moon for no reason and the continously issuing of new shares is a heavy downwards pressure. Your audience might not need nor want technical stuff but the more i got into investing, the more i realized how much talking you do and how few actual arguments are in your videos. Do the deep dives, do the numbers, think about what could happen in a bear case scenario. The stock market is a complex instrument and while you can hype up your penny stocks and say one week later that you made 10% on them cuz everyone else bought it than thats cool. But real companies need real evaluation and that consists of more than saying "everyone like weed. weed fun. we invest in weed company will make many money soon". Future growth of certain sectors is already priced into stocks. Other traders are not dumb and in the end, you normal people are the ones losing money. Because the stock market is about how people think certain companies will perform and not how they actually do.

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