4/20: Coronavirus Pandemic Dampens Cannabis Industry's Biggest Holiday

Like so many other things, the coronavirus pandemic is set to dampen 4/20 celebrations, meaning cannabis retailers can’t depend on the sales spike they’ve …


  1. You people are out of your mind. Demand is GOING WAY up in California. The stay at home order, the strictest in the nation
    When addicts are stuck home,they use. Plain and simple

  2. NUGS- CANNABIS STRATEGIC VENTURES. California based company is taking off! The tightest stay at home laws in the nation.

  3. Smoking weed makes you FAR more likely to have serious lung problems.
    Serious lung problems makes you FAR more likely to die from respiratory viruses like Covid 19.
    Just saying.

  4. B1, Who gives a damn. White supremacy has dampened and ruined many black people FBA lives since the beginning of slavery. Over 400 years of abuse and nobody has ever called it an epidemic or pandemic so you can keep your dope head to yourself. One vacation off from your biggest dope holiday. Try 500 years of torture, theft, murder, redlining, poor education, discrimination, segregation, abortion, poison, diseases, and racial profiling all without any reparations payment.

  5. Guess its time to focus on real shyt goin on, its 420, twice a day, everday AND deals always, Why gather with
    a bunch of folks I really don't even know, wanna likr or get to know. I'm in Oakland, been smoking legally for years and years and years. Political activism should be on most peoples minds. Smoke a J, Blizzy or CBD on the front lines of the strikes! #MediCareForAll

  6. For most sane mind itโ€™s not a hard decision. For crack heads it is also not a hard decision, just opposite of what sane people choose.

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