3 Things You MUST Know Before Buying an LED Grow Light 🌱💡

LED grow lights are some of the most confusing pieces of grow technology on the market, and made more so by LED manufacturers purposefully confusing …


  1. Love your videos. They are very informative and you do an excellent job of explaining your topic. Some times you hear the narrative in a video and instantly know I can’t listen to this guy/ girl. You my friend I could listen to all day. Look forward to viewing more of your videos. 👍

  2. Bringing the knowledge! Very insightful and informative. I've been looking for this type of info and many of the light sellers mislead buyers because the lack of knowledge on the consumers part. Thank you for your time and efforts, great video!

  3. Omg! Wayyyy too confusing! You lost me at "PAR," but I listened all the way through to 10:08 & Gave up!

    I still do not know any new information when it comes to buying grow lights except for the Lumens & Kelvin #'s I knew before I came to this video, but my problem is, I'm trying to find some strip LED grow lights but none of them (on Amazon) even show the Lumen or Kelvin # amounts…. Ugh I'm so frustrated!

  4. marshydro makes freaking great low wattage full spectrum led growing lights
    ive been using their 100w lamp for years now and the "chillis" have always been healthy and growing fast

  5. Great video though I am not clear on what range of PAR I should actually be looking for? I understand the higher the better but what is good? I just bought a bulb for seedlings that has 14.2 PAR and can't find any info on how much area that can actually cover or if it's even worth the money?

  6. Not me- I loved this video-I give those lets say "Eastern" LED stores so much crap for lying about almost everything they sell like false advertising and being completely misleading is just okay. I just finished a round of emails with one swearing his light was 2000 watts and it had 180 Samsung LM301B diodes-.05 watts per. I said nope, that's only 54 watts he said "we dont lie". A person could sit around for an entire season wondering why the hell his plant is barely growing or didn't produce hardly any turpines etc-TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!! Thanks bro- great video

  7. More science…
    You get better light emission efficiency when under running LED chips, which peaks at around 0.14 watts/LED without cooling. Running at around 1 watt/LED is about 50% as efficient.
    For this test it's is due to 2 reasons… Higher currents create higher temperatures… But also (especially for GaN blue) is the Auger effect.
    Generally the less power you put though each LED more efficient (more light, less heat per watt) and the longer the lights will last thanks to the latter.
    This means the "eBay" lamp may be more efficient for the same light output as it uses more LEDs IF the heat dissipation is as good.

  8. This is a very good video and helped me understand how to evaluate a light. I have to wonder where all of these downvotes come from? Should not be able to down vote without a comment IMHO.

  9. It's been widely proven that any regular LED bulb can do the job equally or even better that those tuned spectrum panels. Don't waste money with fancy toy lights, instead use that money in good soil and fertilizer.

  10. Thank you very much for the info!! I managed to really understand what to look for in a light and finally decided in an iL8x from Iluminar. Will be getting use of the whole spectrum and good ppfd

  11. I feel like i was doing research for my PhD in photosynthesis… Soooo… Do i buy a 30 Dollar grow light for my house plants to help'em out a little in the darker spots, or nah..?

  12. Diode efficiency question: So, if the "Ebay Lights" are only operating at 18% efficiency (given a 180w draw for a 1000w unit), is there a way to boost that relatively simply on a DIY basis–perhaps replace a component so the pre-made unit will send more energy to each diode? I just read an article that favored 3w diodes over 10w diodes as they'd be less expensive, not overly powerful and wouldn't require as much of a heat sink.

  13. When looking at the foot print of the LEDTonic Z5 @ 4:20 one needs to take into account the size of the fixture. The LEDTonic Z5 is 13.6" x 12". So the size of the fixture is pretty much the size of the inner square. That inner square…I call the kill zone. If you don't have a full canopy to fill in the entire grow space, I wouldn't put any plants in there.

    That's messed up though. They say the light is for a 2.5 x 2.5 or a 2 x 2, but the light is super intense in the center square foot of the garden.

    My question is, at what height does the light need to be placed in order to achieve the same light intensity across the entire canopy? 10 – 15 feet?

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