2018 Cannabis Ontario Outdoor How to Grow Monster Plants in Northern Ontario

This is a walk through of 2018 garden. My second year practicing these methods. This video is meant to show that growing big plants can be done in Northern …


  1. U ever pre ammend with sumthing like Gaia green? I’m from farther down in New Brunswick I grow monsters too wit all dry ammendments, 10+ ounce plants sumtimes 1.5 pound I guerilla grow a lot of em so I only dig 30-40 gal holes eh. But some I go 250+ anything more is overkill unless u start em as seedling like March

  2. So my plants are about week 3 or 4 into flower but it’s getting cold outside now (50 during the day and 39 at night) should I worry? Buds aren’t fattening up as much i would like. Need help. Thanks

  3. I read a lot of the comments…here's some answers to many questions..(In my experience and I.M.O.).the "HOW TO' is to flip the plants into flower yourself around the 3rd week of July, i give mine 2 days of total darkness, then 1 week of 12/12 (i bring them in and out of the garage). When outdoors, the Emerson effect of the sun and moonlight puts them to sleep faster (approx 2hrs) so even in 14 hr sunlight they will flip and stay in flower for the plants life, hence harvests are always end of sept. fully developped. I also give them a phosphorus boost and keep root ball on the dry side for flip(it helps steer the plant in reproduction mode) Canuck seeds bred some FAST versions of certain strains, and they trigger into flower very early vs non FAST bred versions. My fast C99 and Bruce Banner finished very nicely, for those planning for next year.

  4. whats the trick? the right cultivars? Obviously the root ball has to be grown & cultivated but we can't do this in Edmonton. Late September is usually max you can go and you have to light dep if you want to be done by then since we're at 52nd parallel. Even when you do all that you still can't do any strain. Autos are kind of the name of the game for outdoor growers here so breeders who focus us northern growers who really can't grow photoperiod outdoors. Are you planting these in April/May?

  5. 2019 in SW Ontario here…
    Got my legal 4 (err…plus a few adopted babies that are out and about) and 2 of my ladies are already 3 ft tall (it's june 20th) so I expect they should exceed 7 ft tall and because they were already topped and are gonna be trained I don't doubt they will be about 4 ft across in September..then I can come inside with 4 beautes so I can start again next summer with 3 ft beauties on May 24 (hopefully)..
    Proud to be Canadian…this is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy this plant to the fullest..lets organize harvest parties and our own Cannabis cups and hash bashes…lets party, Canada!!! Life is too short NOT to… 😉

  6. Been watching all your vids! Nice job.

    1. How big were your plants when you put them outdoors?

    2. Looking at your plants, thinking 65 gallon pots were too big for auto-flowers. Yes No?

    3. I’m about to put my little girls outside into big pots. I’m guessing the bigger the pot the better. Your opinion? Nuken strain. Feminized. Only like 5-6 inches big now. My only limit on pot size is potentially having to move them. (Landlord visit potentially but doubtful). Guessing you can’t really move a 65 gallon bag of soil.

    4. What soil you use? I’m going with Pro-mix HP (essentially no nutrients in this).

    Thanks a load for your videos. Good info for us Canadian/Ontario outdoor growers. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌

  7. I'm in ontario and considering marajuana for my medical benefits but will be first time grower..what kind of soil was best to grow and the sizes of pots would be best from start to finish..any info u can give would be taking into consideration..as I see ur pretty good at what u do..thx growmies!

  8. From Ayr Ontario here! Southern Ontario, taking my first crack at outdoor this May. Was planning on getting plants in ASAP if the weather permits but May 24 is the date my grandma uses for her tomatoes and such. Any tips for a first time grower?

  9. What date did you start these and did you start them indoors or outdoors? Did you germinate the seeds in a paper towel or directly in soil?

    It’s very cool to know that one can grow good outdoor cannabis in these types of climates.

  10. Trust me bro yes we can get them just as big as Cali but finishing them is the problem. Mine r always 9 ft tall and 8 to 12 minimum around. Still have 2 out myself and they ain't gunna finish in time n I'm 3 hours south of you

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