🔴WE'RE LIVE! Answering your questions on seizures, IVDD, vestibular disease and more!

Join Dr. Wong and Dr. Senneca, from our Jupiter office, as they go live to answer your neurology questions! Have a last-minute question? Leave it in the …


  1. I really need answers but I don't know how to get involved with live chat and considering my medical conditions and being homebound this would be ideal for me. Please help me and my beautiful Sophie!

  2. My border collie was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy Jan 2020. She is on phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Her seizures are about 3 months apart right now, which is a record for her. Now she has started eating her own poop. Is this related to her epilepsy?

  3. Hi, my 7 year old retired greyhound started having seizures 6 months ago. On meds , seizures are 2 weeks apart give or take a couple of days. Since then he started moaning while resting and sleeping. It concerns me if this means he is in pain. My heart is breaking. He seems healthy and I do keep in touch with our vet.

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