🔴LIVE GROW TALK🔴 Where to Get Grow Supplies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Not sure where to get supplies for growing Cannabis during the Corona Pandemic? Rob & Trey discuss that and more in this live grow talk! Join the Club …


  1. Calling in placing our order and paying over the phone makes it that much easier. I am so happy to know that you guys have curbside service.

  2. Rob, Ive been getting goasted by vivosun . I ordered a 1200 watt COB led and have not heared from them since I ordered.. I So wish I had a light. so I could pop these imports.. have you heared of anyone having this problem. I'm soooooooo disipointed.. Martin

  3. Home Depot does sell sohum living soil but it’s $47 per 1.5 cubic feet. Also I can’t get any organic dry amends from amazon bc they won’t ship to Pennsylvania right now

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