✅ DIY Lowcost Growbox under 10$ Plant box Indoor

Do it yourself an simple grow box tento room garden green house under 10 dollars for your indoor plants. Suitable for all plants chilli peppers etc. Where to buy: …


  1. I don’t get why people make these stupid boxes first off it’s a fire hazard second of all they’ll probably have light leaks And you can get a 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent for $89 online or at your local hydroponic shop I have a 2 x 4 and it costed me $120 with the proper port holes for ducting and ventilation

  2. U made it so easy cheap and solid that I'm already did copy you in my second area 5kvm for my veggie. It holds light out pretty well, But maybe I did some wrong, ventilation became my obstacle and can't seem to isolate sound n vibrations 🙁 though hanging my Mars Led 1200w in rubber worked. It so quite anyway, but my shitty RAM 150 vent and can filters sent vibration and sounds that walked thru walls. And neighbours seemed to notice but didn't dare to report hehehe. Do you have tips? I'm about 2 setup a 25plant in 22Ldirt fabric potz project in July, they are in strechmode seedlings right now 😉

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