Young Pot Smokers React To Surgeon General’s Age Warning | NBC News Now

Young people who smoke marijuana react to warnings from the U.S. Surgeon General against use for people under 25. » Subscribe to NBC News: …


  1. Smoking anything is a very disturbing thought, all these poor souls need to understand the love of God smoking marijuana is poison it will catch up to you in the future and keep you out of heaven 😭😭😭😭

  2. Ok, I THOUGHT… The science wasn't in!? Surgeon general claims to have knowledge that the rest of us don't? They have been lying for 100 years!! Marijuana is the keystone. They lie about everything!

  3. How do they know for sure they're not going to harm anyone?

    If their brain slows down, it might hinder their driving ability which could lead to the deaths of someone else. If they were doctors or cops with the not fully functioning brains they could end up killing a lot of people.

  4. Well even they want to limit it to 18. Lets start with that. Get it out of schedule 1. And most important. Do the research so we know! At least that would be a start to setting rules to this. Or perhaps drinking age is reasonable. But they are partly right. We don't completely ban alcohol or tobacco. At least the first one has very bad mental effects.

  5. What about the question of DRIVING? Just because, or IF, one is less impaired by Cannabis than Alcohol, doesn’t make it SAFE! A slower reaction time is deadly when driving. This SHOULD have been addressed.

  6. Considering currently available data and the conclusions drawn by the surgeon general.

    It is only safe for an individual to consume basic whole food and water before the age of 25.

  7. My take on these four interviewees. (from left to right) First woman is very articulate, but a very strong advocate for whatever cause is in the news. Woman number two, just a follower, has no clear thoughts of her own, but loves the word "autonomous". First man is very immature. Another follower who has probably not thought about the subject for more than about five minutes before the interview. He's just voices what the current majority thinks. The last man I would give some credence to, although I think he will eventually change his mind on the subject as he grows older. NBC news took very little time with this article. Took no time at all in finding credible interviewees, and only wanted to show one side.

  8. I remember when i was 20 & just smoked pot. Life was great. Then came pills & meth & a decade in prison..
    Now im 40 & just smoke pot.
    I wish i didnt . im irritable. My mental illinesses are thriving.
    I dont recommend putting anything in your body to alter your reality..

  9. I’ve done my own research. Goes something like this. I’m in my late 40s and My mom smoked with me and my 6 siblings. I smoked with both my pregnancies. My kids are fully grown successful men. My daughter in law smoked during both her pregnancies and her kids are absolutely fine, they’re thriving little boys. Personally for me, nothing worked better for morning sickness. Im not saying you or anyone else should smoke anything during pregnancy or any other time. I’m just explaining my experiences and if you don’t like my comment that’s fine too. Move on.
    Peace ✌🏽

  10. I agree with the surgeon general.

    I started at a young age, and would have been happy to wait (or would have used in more moderation), knowing what I know now (especially with legalization on the rise).

    But I'm older, and wiser now….its hard to restrain when your wild, and young.

    …and the sh*t nowadays is so potent.

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