Who shouldn't use CBD Oil? (Does CBD Oil cause Liver Damage?)

WHO SHOULD NOT USE CBD OIL? // There are people who shouldn’t use CBD Oil? Oh there certainly are. Watch the video to learn more. — Get even more …


  1. Hey, wanted to chime in. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease about a year ago, December 2018, and had symptoms indicating I was at about 10% liver function. I changed my diet, cutting out alcohol, fructose, and carbs, lost 10 kg/ 10% of my body weight, and though I slowly improved I had endless blood sugar, exhaustion, and dizziness issues that made me barely functional and mostly home-bound. In June I picked up 4% CBD oil at a local pharmacy (I'm in Germany btw) and could feel a difference after one dose. Five days later I was mostly normal and functional again. Visited family the States, ended up using some no-percentage-listed CBD there and was doing 20 mile bike rides by the end of August. I've felt lousy again for the last couple weeks, just went back to the 4% CBD, and feel alert again after one dose (and the persistent unrelated ache in my shoulder quit hurting too). So, this is just personal experience but CBD has been immensely helpful for my liver issues; just don't overdo it. The experiment with mice replicated a high dosage recommended for serious epilepsy… 4 or 5%, up to 6-10 drops daily, was enough to get my inflammation down and able to live again. I'm not all the way through this, I still can't handle sugar or wheat or more than a drink or two of alcohol without getting sick, but within those restrictions and a low daily dose of CBD, I can live and work almost normally again.

  2. too much water will kill you; too much Potassium will kill you; too much sodium will kill you; but, they are all necessary to have an intake of them…there is a law of diminshing returns in the universe…moderation with almost EVERYTHING inlife is most advisable.

  3. My son, seems to get insomnia, from CBD. He barely takes any! Around 5 MG's a day. Have you heard of anyone else, having this problem? If they take more, does it help? Idk…. I wanted him to take it, because of his seizures, but his not sleeping much, isn't good at all.

    He seems to be okay, with just THC. Makes him happy. He's autistic, and doesn't really talk.

  4. I guess anything can affect the liver. I’ve heard tho that CBD (medical marijuana form) can help heal the liver! So I’m now more confused. Is this not true?

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