White House Coronavirus News Conference

Members of the Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters at the White House on the latest developments and the administration’s response.


  1. Tony Fauci is in Bill Gates' pockets!
    WHO's Tedros Adhanom is in Bill Gates' pockets!
    Henry Kissinger's agenda has been DEPOPULATION,
    Vaccine Billy's "vaccines" are killer vaccines!

  2. Dr. Fauci just announced that he is meeting with the Black Caucus to discuss ways to help communities of color and figure out why they are dying more on certain areas from the virus. Hopefully, this will get rid of the LIE that the Surgeon General told that people of color are dying faster from this virus because they are drinking alcohol, eating bad foods and smoking. Thank you God!

  3. —– > Trump could put the cost of COvid-19 treatment on the Affordable Health care system, the Medicaid extension funds to states, but Republican states have rejected accepting it. What this means is that Trump is going to put the burden of the cost of treating the Covid-19 pandemic onto the Medicare system that people have had to buy into for a lifetime. This will put the burden on seniors who are at most risk and on the Medicare system itself.

     —- > It looks like Trump is doing something good. However, what he is proposing is similar to what GW Bush did with his prescription drug "do-nut hole" policy which funneled money into the pharmaceutical industry. It also meant unused Rx drugs were left in patients unlocked medicine cabinets at home and became a source of addiction for teens. –

    — > People seem to think Medicare is free for seniors.. It's not. For people who have bought into it for a lifetime, medicare insurance costs about $100 per $1000 of income (including social security income) up to a certain income limit. So, proportionally, the poor pay a greater percentage of their disposable income for medicare health insurance.

    Also, the insurance only pays 80% of doctor visits (Part B) and has a deductible for a hospital stay of about $2-4 thousand (Part A). The Medicare system picks up the remaining tens of thousands of dollars per hospital stay and whatever is covered in Part B. Part A does not include doctor or surgeon costs at the hospital.; that is still under Part B at 80% … if the procedure is covered. Prescription costs (Part D) is a separate insurance coverage. None of it is free. .

  4. “I don’t know that I’ve had a bigger decision. But I’m going to surround myself with the greatest minds — not only the greatest minds but the greatest minds in numerous different businesses, including the business of politics and reason,” Trump told reporters.
    Wow we got a WHOPPER IN THE HOPPER here …. Is he headed to the housing unit where they filmed “One Flew Over the Coo-coo’s Nest” He is consult with someone that has reason – I know a Bullshitter when I hear one.

  5. Fake News Jim Acosta needs to be booted and let in someone who will ask questions that enhance the discussion rather than loaded ones preceded by maudlin rambling!

  6. Could we stop weeping over the WHO?
    THEY politicized this crisis is the first place by not insisting on getting their own personnel to evaluate the situation rather than just believing the known liars in the CCP!

  7. I do hope C-SPAN aren't taking stolen tax to hide my free speech. Or is it Youtube that does it when they don't like my free speech? Well then, I'll just say my truth in real life and tell people not to watch cspan for fake news and protecting the fake Dr. and his scarf beard.

  8. Why waste time with the clown Jim Acosta. ? I can imagine he got his ass kicked everyday growing up . He is annoying as hell, and ask some of the dumbest statement that he considered to be questions. How could it be possible smart that Trump would be enjoying this moment when it might cost him the election and he had to watch the economy tank , close down the country, and be held responsible for people death? How the crap could that be happy talk?

  9. People online are offended ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 … They are offended by the word big momma, who owns that word or who is it targeting for discrimination? Wonder if these same people were offended by juvenile song she get it from her mom, which reference big momma or the movie … Why do they even have this or these reporters asking dumb questions

  10. Reporters are mainly useless dumb trolls in today day and age. Do they really expect the US to text everyone before they open up the country for business, all 330 million people who could potentially have the virus? Now, if that was the case and the US tested a million people a day, which it can't, it would take a year , now, let's be realistic and say a million at best a week, that would take six years.. these people should be sweeping floors at McDonald's because the education system have failed us if these are the morons people rely on for information

  11. This is how you should know that the stock market is a scam ran by government. How is the stock market increasing in value with the country locked down, people not working, spending, businesses generating revenues, people without money, government sysetm overloading and crashing, state telephone system fried, website crashing, no way to apply and receive the free money to prop up the economy, and the US borrowing money from the IMF to add to the national debt? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 . Don't see how people going to spend money when they are stuck at home and the states don't have a clue in a chaotic environment but what do I know

  12. Meanwhile, on February 10th, when the pandemic had already hit the United States, Trump released his proposed budget which, like in previous years, was DEFUNDING the CDC!

  13. Wake up and see who you're dealing with at Trump's.

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  14. We have everything … we are great ..
    People with no health insurance
    People that are not healthy and are homeless
    People with three underpaid jobs
    If you are fired you have nothing in the US
    People don’t go to the dr cause they don’t have insurance
    If you are unemployed you don’t have nothing
    But we are great 👍

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