1. Citrus. Grapefruit & seed have natural quinine. Citrate from fresh lem/limes have been shown to dissolve norovirus tentacles in adequate doses. Have lots of fresh 🍋🍋🍋

  2. don’t be dumb . Any sign of sickness take a couple shots of whiskey lemon and honey . It knocked my cough right out along with that mucus .

  3. I carry a small bottle of rubbing alcohol with me. When I leave a store I splash some on my hands and rub them. I have begun pouring some on a paper towel or napkin, then I hold it over my mouth and nose, and take a couple good deep breaths. This is no more than experimental, but it certainly ought to make life difficult for viruses. I would be careful. Any alcohol is poisonous; it might damage lung tissue which might make things worse. I tried grain alcohol, but it makes u cough easier. Maybe several breaths breathing normally would be good too.

  4. It maybe stupid, it may works or it may not, but whisky/whiskey does keep me
    calm, lower my stress and it taste good. Since there's no cure anyway,
    why not have a dram or two to relax. I don't see any harm in that. Did I
    mentioned whisky taste good, to me anyway.

  5. I believe you. Stores said they run out of wipes, lysol and alcohol. With whiskey, I can wash my hand with it, gurgle to take throat sore, take your stress out of you too. I'm serious. Thanks.

  6. The real reason why whiskey works is because it has highly concentrated ellagic acid in it. (Wine does also, but whisky has more.) Numerous studies have observed that ellagic acid has antiviral properties, as well as various others. Thus by drinking whiskey a person is consuming a product with a high concentration of an antiviral substance -i.e. ellagic acid.

    This is why whiskey is also noted as a good remedy for bronchitis and the common cold. It is also why wine, especially mulled wine, has been used to treat chest colds as well.

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