Where are the CBD's?????? THE SCOOP – PART 2

Many companies say they have CBD’s in stores across the USA but there is not a lot of proof. Where are the CBD’s? Make Money Online With Cannabis …


  1. Thanks for the info! Scooped up some more iAnthus on the dip. Still waiting for the KBEVF CBD products, but I'm glad they're doing well with Walmart and Amazon online. Any insight/opinion on NEXT GREEN WAVE (OTC:NXGWF)? Supposedly they have facilities in Coalinga, which I don't exactly consider a prime growing area due to being part of the Cadillac Desert. To me it means possibly high indoor and water costs, but they are an oil refinery town, and if growing can occur in Desert Hot Springs, why not?

  2. I’ve been following the CEO of 3 Sixty Risk Solutions on Twitter for a while now and I’m very impressed by that company. They do all the security buildout, transport, and consultation on cannabis licensing. They have a lot of big clients. Might be a baby knockout.

  3. EDXC is already in Walgreems @ Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, South Carolina, Illinois and Indiana..only public traded company selling cbd on walgreens…it would be good ur opinion on this co

  4. Thanks Mickey for all you do man it helps those where in Texas it’s not legal although I want to move back to Nevada over by Reno but I think I am priced out homes have soared threw the roof. There is another channel I watch called richtvlive I 🤔 he is running on your platform too his first videos he was doing stock picks then I noticed he’s doing boots on the ground then a few days ago he’s wearing a suit lol. Now he claims to own a cbd company not knocking him at all because the more you learn the easier it will be to find that nitch that will pay you well. I just finished college twice my background is cooking,baking, real estate instrumentation and electrical,drug store business and oil field and now this industry. My goal will be to get my foot in the door in the cbd or marijuana industry and learn everything then start my own or partner will someone.

  5. Thanks for the information. I've been looking into the Canna V cell science, it has turned out to be one of my favorite stocks opportunities. I put 20% of my portfolio into it so far I'm planning on holding for a while. Will be scooping up some of that tilt also and adding to my medmen. You are the man!

  6. Would u be able to do a review/update on some of the co's. u have talked about?! Choof, Ptnyf, etc. Needing some much needed sunshine here in MO!! Have had enough of the rain!! Thank u for all u do!!

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