1. I'm in Los Angeles Palmdale area desert land hot. 1st time outdoor and no electricity to veg properly. If I plant 7 inch clones in April or May will they flower early and if so when should I put out my clones so they won't flower early? I want some veg time to get them bigger. Thank you.

  2. What some great admendments I could add to my huge ass hole with just reg garden soil and what time year should I add it. Like does super soil need to be put in weeks before or safe to put in during the winter 🥶

  3. Going to try raised beds like your's next season. What I want to know is how you keep the neighborhood cats or strays from using the beds as a their litter box. Lol

  4. Hey how's it going Master Kali? When are you doing another video. I look forward to watching all of your videos brother. I'll be putting my girls in their raised beds in about 20 days hopefully. I can't hardly wait bro. I'm geeked about getting them outside full time where they can explode under natural light. Hope all is well with you and yours brother. Awesomeness awaits us Gromee. ✌️😎🌴

  5. Good info in this vid but maybe try planting in the ground before speaking on it. Training is a huge factor on plant size. Pot size limits the plant but training makes them huge. Cant wait to see you grow one in the ground. Your plants are already nice sizes. Lots of competition this year. I gotta catch up

  6. Fuck yeah making me stoked lol I have a black dog og amd Afghan kush, gonna go the ground route see how it works out. Got gaia green amendments and my stuff ready

  7. My first grow this year and im growing Blueberry Cookies by Dinafem from seed in a 65cm pot and its now in the 3rd week of flowering. All i use is a super soil called Just Cannabis and i give my plant the rainwater i collect in my tank. I also just feed my plant 1ml of epsom salts and 5ml of blackstrap molasses once a week. I swear my plant is looking lovely. This growing experience is really amazing. I cant get enough of it.

  8. My indoor winter garden is of course in 7 and 10 gal fabric pots, I just removed the metal roof on half my patio and have some monsters started in 100 and 65 gal pots, along with a doz auto's in 10 gal pots, in the yard I have raised beds but most are planted directly in soil. The plants always get too large and I will keep them topped so they grow wide. My plants are about 3' tall now and starting to bud up, It's going to be a glorious spring harvest and I'm starting new seedlings in case they dont re-veg. Let's grow. Rando

  9. I'm a personal grower. I'm growing in ground this year. The reason so many growers moved away from growing in the ground is cause you gotta lollipop the hell out of them so they don't sit so low to the ground and mold. And you can't really do that to short stout plants. So you can transplant short plants half way into ground and build a mound around root ball so plant sit higher off the ground. the roots will grow out to end of mound and air prune.

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