What is CBG Oil?

So here is the net net when it comes to the possible places that CBG can make impact; Reduction in inflammation, pain and nausea Slowing the proliferation or …


  1. One thing you forgot to mention is that CBG is a CB1 receptor antagonist. Why is this crucial? For any medical marijuana users who are averse to the high that comes with THC but still want the pain relief from it, CBG is the most important cannibinoid in reducing and "cancelling" the high from THC . CBG is much better in this regard than CBD. This is because THC binds to the CB1 receptor as an AGONIST. CBG (unlike cbd) binds to the same receptor but as an ANTAGONIST. This means that CBG actually works DIRECTLY against the action of THC. I live in a legal state and buy CBG from hemp online. When I use both THC and CBG in a 1:1 to ratio I do not feel "high" (If the percentge of thc flower is similar to the CBG percentage) at all just INCREDIBLY (Like serious body high) relaxed with no pain at all. I would contend a THC/CBG blend is more effective than a THC/CBD blend for pain and aniexty.

  2. I brought a cbd distillate to make and retail a cbd hot sauce, so i made my hot sauce, got it lab tested and it came back with cbg being the dominant canabinoid. Should i now market my product as cbg instead of cbd? Watching this video and many others, it would apear that cbg might be even better than cbd…. I'm lost!!! Why cant it all be legal so we can make the most of all of the canabinoids without fear of ruining careers and risking imprisonment?!!! Viva la revolution🤞

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