1. Seeding is pretty ineffective here in our area. It's because the weeds take over so quickly on bare dirt. Like within a week because it stays so warm. Unfortunately the only way to fix this lawn is to kill it off, till it, bring in good dirt, and resod. Major project. Any thoughts to help the client?

  2. Made a huge mistake and mistook a weed and feed bag for seed. Dethached, aerated and put down seed, then weed and feed then starter fertilizer and lime. What can I do? Any suggestions? Throw down more seed?

  3. Thank You! You may have saved me from doing the same thing. I used W&F 2 days ago and i didn't feel as if it was enough and I was going to home this evening after and do it again. DO you have a video that shows what it looks like to spread a lawn. I have about a 2000 sq ft. frt lawn with St. Aug. (or at least half, the other half weeds). I am trying hard to bring back to life.

  4. I sure I just did this. I thought I'd bought slow release organic fertilizer and applied without reading the instructions. It's fast acting chemical stuff and I applied double what I should have. We live and learn. At least my front lawn is tiny so I'll be able to manage that. Feel like a proper eejit!

  5. Thank you . You may have just saved my yard from me adding more weed and feed one click away clicking off YouTube My question is i added weed and feed about two weeks ago temp here 55 60 right now I still don't see the weeds dieing how long does it take for them to die

  6. Always know your sq footage and use the proper amount of fertilizer. Using the entire 10-15k sq ft bag on a 5k lawn is a big mistake and easy to do if you don't read and measure.

  7. Man. I'm two Counties to the east of you. Same climate. Just took my FL Green Industries class to Fertilizer legal. It's a must in FL. But I've seen the sun burn it up after the right amount of Fert if no rain or watering after put down. I was getting 4 inches of rain a week all winter. 3 weeks ago the rain stopped and temps hit 80s.

  8. Some things are better left to the pro's. It is imperative that you read and follow the label! I highly suggest any lawn company that wants to get into the fertilizer/weed control gets the proper certifications and insurance. I am glad I took all of the certifications needed and have the proper insurance in place. Helps me sleep at night knowing I have done everything I can to protect my customers and my business.

  9. I don't use weed'n'feed ever! Don't cut corners 1 step at a time . Kill weeds, de-thatch core or mow depending on situation,top dress, fertilize, mow. This process happens over a few weeks depend on geographical location as soil type, turf types, aspect and all weather conditions all need to be considered, as does the available water for irrigation. Depending on situation and clients expectations several topdressings my be required to get the final desired quality.As for installing and establishing new turf that's a whole new,fun ballgame altogether and is such a satisfying gig, well where i live on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia, it is. Colder climates i could only imagine timing is a lot more crucial, but more challenging could add to the satisfaction I feel.

  10. I have been seeing a lot of hot spots the last few weeks myself. The higher temperature this spring has been the blame for a lot of burned lawns. Not so much over applied. I have several lawns treated by TrueGreen to LOCAL companies with yards burned. My understanding is that the temps need to be in the 70's to low 80's for weed-n-feed. The temps and clear skies have been 10+ degrees higher the last few weeks . Just saying this to say it might have just been bad timing with the hotter weather.

  11. There is a starter fertilizer I tried last year that has preemergent weed chemical in it. You can seed and apply this starter fertilizer. My sample trial was small, so can’t say how effective it is. Beats $8000 sos and prep.

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