1. My body got dependent on it to sleep. I literally couldn’t sleep unless I was stoned. Plus the irritability I experienced while not stoned was terrible. Moderation for sure just like anything in life.

  2. Anything that doesn't make your brain function normally should be taken with care and in moderation. Personally I loved weed so much it sent me nuts. Now I can't enjoy it at all. Be wise.

  3. Don't forget it helps chemo patients with an appetite (shows signs on rate or reduced tumors) and also helps with people who struggle to sleep at night, it helps with seizures/fits along with 1000s of years ago they mixed it with water and drank it to help with many different illnesses, it was only when people started smoking it and becoming lazy it was frowned upon :).
    Cannabis isn't for everyone just like valium isn't or cigarettes aren't or alcohol; the only difference is them things there have killed too many people and lead to serious illness who has cannabis killed apart from a pizza aye ?

  4. I use cannabis to treat advanced Parkinson's and it has been nothing short of miraculous. Cannabis has reduced tremors more than any other medications, lowered central pain greatly without side effects! Cannabis should be legalized around the world!

  5. can you do a video on the physiological affects of each of the organs and systems of body from using Crystal methanphetamine? i would really like to know how it affects the body from the point of ingestion, through the blood, to the brain, and the lungs, and how it affects the rest of the body. i think a video like this can affect a whole generation of would be addicts! but plezzz more on meth!! lol

  6. Seriously? Are you an imbecile? Smoking tobacco and marijuana have the same effect on your lungs. And why is there not a single benefit of cannabinoids in the human body. Who is this ignorant bigot.

  7. Well im just gonna say that im 32 years old and I can remember back to my firsts moments in life when I was 2/3 years old olso all the schools and houses I've lived in, My first bike ECT.


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