What Causes a Cannabis Plant to Hermie

Wondering why a female Cannabis plant is producing seeds? In this video, Rob & Trey break down exactly what causes a plant to hermie. Join the Club …


  1. Iv had three plants start producing seeds is this a freak accident or poor genetics or stress what to do I'm cutting them three down but will the rest slowly start turning seeds I'm 4th week of bloom

  2. Ruderalis, Sativa and Indica all come from specific zones around the world also, try to recreate their natural environment since species is also a determining factor.

  3. So I started my seeds in the winter in my laundry room useing 1200 led flood lights to get the seedlings a head start, put the plants out side a few weeks ago they all look so nice but noticed this morning nearly ever plant is showing signs of hermaphroditeing do I trash them and start over since it’s spring now or just let them do there thing?

  4. One of the biggest contributors to herm is actually quite natural and can be found elsewhere In nature. Like fish found in a all female environment will change sex. Same thing with frogs. Now these are animals at the bottom of the food chain or perfect spiral of life. Plants are even further down the chain and are no different. So even if you know for sure and consistently get All Female plants, especially in a large environment of 6 or more plants. The onset of hermie maybe slow. As aforementioned at the bottom of plants, say one or two seeds. You will know the difference if you get a full genetic hermie you will have seeds all over the place. Or if you get light leaks as well. Also this plants genetics like all Male and female plants. Evolved from plants that seeded themselves. So the potential is in all cannabis DNA.

  5. In theory, is pulling a seed from a dispensary bud going to mean that it came from a hermie plant and thus will produce a plant that intends on growing buds and seeds?

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