We Tried a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage! | The SASS with @Susan Yara & @Sharzad Kiadeh

We’re big fans of lymphatic drainage! It’s so good for your health and also for your appearance, which is why it’s become a popular treatment in Brazil! We went …


  1. Can you imagine a normal average woman like me being able to do these kinds of treatments 1/4 as often as these lucky SASS ladies? It would change my life. Alas, I can just watch and live vicariously lol

  2. LOVE getting lymphatic drainage massages, you really notice a difference a few days later! its great for a big event. A lot of supermodels and influencers swear by it (romee strijd always vlogs it on yt)

  3. I have lypoedema and have to do lymphatic drainage massage on my legs, I would love to go and get this done. For me though it really is rather painful either when I do it, or the lypoedema clinicians do it. However I am confused that she doesn't seem to clear the drainage points first…

  4. Love you two. I’ve recently been looking into lymphatic drainage due to how bloated I constantly am! I’m definitely interested in a treatment like this. Thanks!💗

  5. As a Brazilian I say that these are so popular and so many Brazilian women will spend their money with this and it hardly makes any difference. Because we are so beauty obsessed, we just waste all our money on these gimmicks

  6. As a massage therapist I am very confused by this. Lymphatic drainage massage is a very light massage almost like skin tugging. Once you put pressure you are closing the lymph pathway and just giving a light pressure massage. I can tell on the video she is putting too much pressure for this to be considered lymphatic drainage.

  7. Not only i'm Brazil they have this typé of massage in every salón also un México are very popular i get them every 2 weeks and i LOVE it!!! And i sometimes get them with cryosculpting

  8. So I was trained to do lymphatic very lightly. This looks completely different. Would you be able to give me information on training? I'm in the Portland are but would travel. Thanks

  9. Personally, I've seen dry brushing make a DRAMATIC difference in my silhouette and body shape. Would definitely recommend, especially if you're lsoing weight, your body's changing shape for any reason…. also feels super energizing! 😀

  10. This studio doesn’t look hygienic at all- no uniform , just a t shirt, no hair tied back, wearing watches and bracelets. This can’t be the normal standards in the US? I’m not from the US, but where I’m from- full uniform, hair tied back, short and clean nails, no jewellery. Also, what are her qualifications?

  11. Yeah women really love this treatment in Brazil!! My friend even taught me how to self massage my belly to help debloat and it WORKS but im too lazy to actually do it or to go somewhere who’ll do it for me (its cheaper than laser treatments for fat but mostly older women do it)

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