1. Wow you weren't even smoking that much. At my height I'd smoke an oz in a week. 20 dollars every other day is reckless. Just buy in bulk you'll save money and eventually get to the point where you start smoking alot less.

  2. Most definately resonated with my life. Makes a whole lot of sense. Give Thanks I appreciate You💨I💚🌞💨💦🌿🌈🌚I'm going to give up smoking. Its eating my body away. I'm skin and bones

  3. I've been smoking weed since I was 16 everyday no joke.. I went to jail twice over a smoke sack and still smoke till this day everyday. (I'm 22 now) buying a half every week I'm just tired of it but honestly can't stop just watching these videos hoping one day to quit Dam this shit hard bruh.

  4. I’m very happy to have cut back so much, but I am definitely the type that will smoke a bowl alone and make some art, do some inner work/clear old patterns or emotions, write a story, watch videos on manifesting or becoming an entrepreneur, visualize, ect. I do really enjoy being sober most of the time now, though- but when I’m too stressed out it sure does help remind me that everything is temporary and to really bring me back to the present moment. Love the video.💕

  5. It's the opposite for me. Alcohol is the villain. I never get in trouble with weed. But I can't remember much of anything from alcohol and I'll do or say anything when I drink, always have to apologize the next day. Way more conscious when I smoke. But to each his own. Plus we calms my nervous system down because I am high strung my patience is short. My energy is far too high for others quite often and even for me at times. I Equalize myself with the bud. But I do not believe in being a stoner because then I can become unproductive. So I use it like medicine. Thanks for you story.

  6. I get where you’re coming from but this shouldn’t be generalized. I smoke weed, I have my Master’s, have a good job. I know that I’m an non-productive smoker so I smoke when I got all my shit done lol. I’m in control of my destiny not this herb. The herb helps me ease the stress along the way. And where I’m from, it’s legalized soooooowop. I’m chillin. Still love u and all your videos though!!

  7. I'm flying to college in March and I'm scared my heavy weed smoking is going to fuck me up in school the other reason I chose to go out of state is to get away from the state that has billboards of weed everywhere

  8. When you smoked weed most of all your life down the road it takes a toll on your life honestly. It does get addictive , you feel like you need it to get through the day and to enjoy things and that's not good. It's hard to give it up when your brain keeps telling you inside that you need weed

  9. Exactly like me.. been smoking for about 5 years and when Ive realised Ive wanteed to quit, Ive started to cut down and then even a single bowl a day would make me anxious, slow and give me chest pain.. so now Ive quit I hope for good x) still support legalization etc. tho, but I feel much better and I feel like am high when am sober lmao

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