1. You are a idiot the reason some studies have metals is because they burn the danm coil because idiots don’t now how to use a vape studies like that have been proven wrong there’s only 4 chemicals there has been no reported cases of people died from nicotine it’s been from illicit thc carts they used vidimin E acetate to thin out the thc And for kids would you rather them smoke cigarettes or vape which is 95% safer then combustible cigarettes 🚬 actually nicotine is not all bad it’s not that addictive on it’s own as a chemical taboco on the other hand has chemicals that acts like depression that makes nicotine more addictive it helps your motor skills help you focus vaping doesn’t put tar in you lungs 🫁 it’s vapor not water vaper but not combustion smh 🤦‍♂️ dont look at fake sources vaping nicotine-based e ciggerets are better than cigarettes and if people want to ape let them vape you have have a say in it but not a good argument unless you are a scientist or a vaper it’s are right as the American people to do what we want we are supposed to be in a free country 🇺🇸

  2. This video is completely false and can actually make smokers trying to quit not consider a much safer option like vaping.

    Yes if u do the smoke….. Don't start vaping. But that's not the point.

    it is harm reduction. Is it 100% safe nothing is. But its at least ,95% safer than smoking. Take this video down. It's stance is wrong

  3. After 1.35 min there are the lies again.
    From a fals debunkt study 2018.
    Proven by the best doctors and professors in the world saying it's at least 95%safer than smoking. Period. Look at the best study's in the UK. Even opening vapeshops in hospitals in the UK.
    Here a professor.
    Give me 1☝️good study that vaping damage the lungs. 1.
    O e cig 4 chemicals.
    Normal cigaret 7000 chemicals.
    So yes its mutch safer.
    All about harm reduction.
    If you smoke switch.

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