USU Cannabis Lab Tour with Dr Bruce Bugbee

Dr Bruce Bugbee gives a tour of the cannabis research he’s conducting at the Crop Physiology Lab at Utah State University. The lab is one of the few in the …


  1. When highlighting the advantages of LED he continuously claims ease of crop maintenance based on the human eyes limited ability being bound to visible light that can be compromised by HPS. Aren't there glasses that can be used to make the HPS light more tolerable? I'm just curious if they took that into consideration when awarding LED the better option. Im a fan of LED as they are way more efficient, just curious if glasses for farmers was ever factored in.

  2. It's F up u need a license to do what America been doing 30 years mf been said F the government 🤣🤣😂😂😅. The government wants control just do it. Trust me play there game because I promise they laughing like these goofies actually listen to us.

  3. Is it possible to get a link or hint where to get the studies you present from minute 19:17 onwards ?? Thanks in advance & thanks for the great videos and work you do. Best wishes from Germany

  4. This professor is intelligent very very smart guy and every single one of his videos are so knowledgeable. Watching these videos makes me feel like i am back at college taking a course.

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