(UPDATE) I quit juuling for two months and this is what happened…

Hello there friends!! I promised an update video for you guys on my quitting-juuling-journey-extravaganza, so here it is!! (just so you all know, I hit someone’s juul …


  1. i quit once and was able to stop for about a month until i couldn’t take it. i’ve tried to quit twice more after but the withdrawals made me so anxious. i really want to stop bc i’ve wasted so much money and i’m scared for my health

  2. I hate people like this. Seriously, be smart for once. Your body becomes accustomed to these things and that's why it's an addiction. You can get sick with or without it so sucks for you

  3. I finally quit vaping exactly a week ago from today. If I can do it, you can do it! I went from 2 packs of cigs a day to almost 1 puff plus a day and literally didn’t go anywhere without my vape. I vaped for over 4 years. I know it’s hard but after a couple of days it’s fine. When you learn how to deal with stress properly and not run to drugs or alcohol as relief is when the cravings stop. Nobody knows the true harm that vapes may cause and I can already tell ya’ll how much better my lungs feel after just 1 week. Plus your wallet will thank you in the long run!

  4. Your not-so-stereotypical underage vaper friend here, Been vaping for around 2 years, I'm 16 now. I can quit anytime, really. I've been off for 2-3 months when I tried quitting the first time. Now I'm back to it. I've been gifted with strong willpower and a non-addictive personality 🙂

  5. every time you have a nic craving, drink water!! it’s super helpful cause you’re lifting something to your mouth just like your juul but it’s healthy for you instead. 👍🏼

  6. Gave my friend a $15 vape kit. She and her husband stopped smoking within days. Both off $500 a month smokes habit. Vape use has dropped by 90%. Vaping gets you off smokes.

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