1. Bonterra resources higrade gold stock will explode in this coming resection. Look at the charts from 2008 crash and 2011. They killed every major on the planet. Show me another junior with a drill program of 81000 meters. This stock will explode this year when gold jumps. By the time this is over the USA will have added 10 trillion in debt at a low. What will that do to the dollar. What will that do to gold. Bonterra resources will be in the top 5 gold stocks for x gains again.

  2. Only thing I will say is that I believe that even as you say people stocked up and might not need to buy more yet. I believe that daily grams used by each consumer probably doubled, so they will still need to buy more. Just my thoughts.

  3. There is a reason why GW pharma is valued so high. Cannabis company that has no interest in recreational sales, strictly medical research and cannabis derived drugs. I am a share holder, and have seen great returns.

  4. Gibbs's, CNVC Canna V cell science is back on the move today After their merger with bioharvest up .10 ‐ .25 151% !!! . .today made $660.00 profit today. Gibbs please do another Segment on them. Give us your thoughts. Should I buy more.. About 11 or 12 months ago you said this stock is a ticking time bomb ready to explode in value

  5. Those that are stocking up may smoke up their product quickly if they are being quarantined and locked in their houses for extended periods. So I don’t think it’ll hurt future sales too much

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