1. Respect all three for dealing with prison life. But it shows how little they actually know about the world. Pure spackers especially that stupid fat twat without an I.Q To pass GCSE

  2. Paddy made up that he was a gypsy bare knuckle champ btw sean. Look into paddy he grassed on his own cousin more than once but its on paper once. Paul massey kicked him out his car for telling him he was gonna stand up in court against his cousin. Bernard mahoney done a bit on it if you search bernard mahoney and paddys name it you will find it i cant remember the name of his cousin

  3. The variety of videos is astounding; Exposing paedophilic satanists, Exposing the corruption rooted in the prison system and other institutions, prison stories, wild man sleeping and the list goes on. This is the only channel I haven’t gotten bored of on my many years of being on this fucked up site. Thank you.

  4. WTF was this shit? I hope this was a one off because it is well below the usual standard. This wasn't to inform or entertain your viewers. It was solely for the benefit of those in the room. What an incoherent mess.

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