Treating FND

FND is a misunderstood and underdiagnosed neurological disorder that impacts patients’ motor skills. UofL and Frazier Rehab is one of the first places in the …


  1. How can we get this kind of treatment in other areas? I was supposed to join a program (outpatient) in Seattle but it has not gotten off the ground as promised and now the COVID19 is in the mix.

  2. I've had FND for four years. I was not diagnosed by a doctor, but found out myself from the internet. I've learned to walk and talk again by myself with no help from medical professionals. But I feel my progress has flat lined in the last two years. Some help from professionals would be a godsend, but I don't know if or when it will be treated here.

  3. We have to speed awareness I think to get more help and programs like this. I had an opportunity to do regular PT it helped me be able to walk up stairs and down and toe to toe. (Practice makes it easier every time)

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