Top 10 Logical Fallacies And How People Misuse Them

Logical fallacies are something we all learned about in high school at least a little bit, and we have all heard teenagers throw them around (often wrongly) in …


  1. Great review of logical fallacies. I have one minor addition however. False equivalence is also taking one attribute that is similar among two or more things and asserting that those things are equal because of that one attribute. For instance "why should I believe that you were abducted by aliens?" "well how do you know that you have a solid basis to believe anything?"

  2. Trump is far worse at speeches than Obama. His basic speech is this: ask him a question, he gives you a brief reply, then goes into a 5-10 argument defending his point of view, which may have little relevance to the topic at hand. That is poor speechgiving. I could see it as far back as 2016, and he has been the same since. It may not be an "If by whiskey", but I'd sure as heck give him little better than a D in a speech class.

  3. Another fallacy is the "argument from fallacy" where a person basically argues that just because an argument is fallacious it's conclusion must be false…

  4. That was the worst example of if by whiskey using obama. Not that I liekd the guy or any president much, but, that was just out of left field. *smfh * I gotta stop watching these crap 10 vids.

  5. I got into an ad hoc, ad hominen, ad nauseum argument on John McCain on You Tube that nearly came to blows and legal action. Can you divulge the website where Simon gets his clothes? I cannot remember it and have old clothes. Thank you and Simon! I have searched for weeks in vain.

  6. What news sources are you watching? People are totally normalizing multiple wives, marriage with objects and a sexualization of children. That slope was every bit as slippery as claimed.

  7. Sometimes I've told people "don't be stupid". It isn't an attack, ad hominem or otherwise; if I thought that they were actually stupid, I wouldn't have told them to stop.

  8. Could you do a video on correcting the Schrodinger's cat misconception, it always frustrates me when its used to make a philosophical/science logic point opposite to what he actually meant about theoretical practice and actually trying to point out with his example. Science of DW by TP explains it quite well.

  9. The concept of "Whataboutism" is an example of number one. Your example could include the phrase "What about" since it is so common. This isn't a knock on the writing of the video just adding my thoughts. This is so common in politics and makes conversations with relatives across the political divide very tricky.

  10. The slippery slope fallacy that was used in association with Gay marriage isn't necessarily a fallacy. I think that depends on how marriage is defined. If someone says that marriage is an exclusive institution between a single man and a single woman who are consenting adults, then if you modify this you break the rules of what's defined as marriage, to accommodate a new definition. If that process occurs what's to stop it from being modified repetitively through out the future to include a wide variety of things? BTW there are those that think that if consenting adults can be married not only is gay marriage justified, but polygamy involving consenting adults is valid as well.

    A better example of a slippery slope argument is saying that drinking coke is unhealthy and will lead to alcoholism. Since there's no alcohol in coke how can one get addicted to alcohol? Yes someone who gets addicted to the sugar of coke could possibly get addicted to alcohol and thus become an alcoholic but that's not a consistent correlation.

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