Top 10 Herbs You Can Vape besides Cannabis | Dry Herb Vaping Advice

Top 10 herbs you can vape besides Cannabis or CBD is the subject of our dry herb vaping advice video. At Vape and Juice TV we are pretty active in the CBD …


  1. My mom stocks what I buy on amazon so I have been having to make DIY green tea blunts so now that Christmas is around I can just sneak a vape pen in my order and she will be none the wiser

  2. Hey, I like your Video! But could you please write the herbs below your video, because my English is really worst but I‘ll understand if I read it ! Thank you

  3. Question: is using these relatively low-waste? After i smoked the dry herbs i can just put it in the thrash or compost? And would you recommend a vaporizer that has a mouth piece for that rip through water affect or just a plain mouth piece?
    Thanks so much, this was really helpful cause green is not even decriminalized here. I'll definetely try a couple of these. Hibiscus and such for my anxiety.

  4. Thanks for the video. Really enjoyed Very informative. Could you do a practical video with vaping some of the herbs and your personal opinion of the effects?

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