1. So glad that G Pen has turned a corner and now make great products. It was kinda rough in the beginning lol not gonna lie. They were becoming known as the company that put a lot into their marketing with celebrities but made shitty products but they listened to all the negative talk and turned that shit around.

  2. I’ve just been recently getting back into weed after almost two years but I’ve been watching you since I stopped and you make me want to and you bring such a light. I love your videos and you bbygurl ❤️

  3. I get my braces tightened in a bit so I gotta get big zooted so I’m not in gruesome pain after and no Tylenol doesn’t help 😂 apparently ibuprofen shouldn’t be taken during the rona either

  4. The fact you felt the need to say 1:352:00 just says a lot about your character to me. You’re very down to earth, honest, and genuine from what I get in your videos. Side note: the intro was HILARIOUS

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