1. God love you hunny, but this worst move ever was basically every move I've ever done. Wich was many. When you don't have lots of money that how all of us move lol….It's annoying and not ideal but not uncommon. I wish I was this able to say this was a rough move…
    It certainly shouldn't of been expensive for that service but it's funny how " posh" you sound haha
    And then " we have a cruise to go on"
    Haha too funny. Lucky girl.

  2. I am so sorry this happened to you! How can a moving company be so bad at these kinds of things? Have they not had any customers before? That’s just ridiculous, especially for two companies to be so incompetent! Unbelievable!

  3. My moving terror….the company I paid to move me from Manchester to Northumberland (uk) the guy driving the van got pulled over by the police on the motorway as he had no driving license and the van and all my stuff got impounded. Then he proceeded to ask me for an advance on the fee to pay to get the van out of the impound and for more petrol. I did get my stuff back. But then he asked me to give them a good review. I was dumbfounded. True story
    Edit: I completely forgot I had to pull over in my car and process this. Then the guy put the police man on the phone because I didn’t believe him. I kinda just thought he was steeling my stuff. So yeah I was on the phone crying to a police man!

  4. Omg. It's nice that you can laugh about it. I can barely listen without feeling crazy and embarrassed for you.
    Hope you're doing okay.
    Hope you and your family have better days in 2021. Good luck ❤

  5. Sound like to need to fire your assistant. Like was she looking for the worst companies she should’ve done research she messed up twice

  6. Honestly. I have to say this, every moving company is different. You should prepare yourself for the moving as much as you can, for example cover up your furniture etc yourself if you really want to get it done and pack everything yourself. And some companies do this to you for extra money, but you actually have to request everything that they should take with them. Ive worked with so many different moving companies and it is not the same for every company. You cant just expect every company to have everything with them unless you actually ask or make sure they even have that!

  7. This is one of those things I got “second hand stress” from. Just hearing the story was like “what the hell?!” This is absurd. I know getting her own UHaul and having a car aren’t really options for Molly. Next time she moves I hope she gets a good moving company or some friends with trucks.

  8. We always have to move most our stuff we can carry on bus and I mean public bus. We don’t have family or move to ever hire someone to help and if family helps it’s not good. I’m sorry you had to go through that molly. You should of sued them for sure.

  9. I’m in preparations for moving and idk why I chose to watch this! It’s stressing me out, the whole process of buying the place was exhausting and I wasn’t even the one purchasing.

  10. When my mom moved to another apartment last year she called 2 different moving companies and 1 of them never showed up, And my mom already paid them like $500 for them to come and move our stuff. And they never showed up.

  11. The only way you're going to get anywhere with this is through court. The BBB does nothing to help consumers besides taking the complaint and arbitrating any kind of solutions. Businesses today often run as "Business Name Inc, Doing Business As Intentionally Similar Name But Different". Whenever they get a BBB strike they think will begin to affect their business, they simply change their DBA name and continue on as normal. The only way companies like these ever get stopped is when people get fed up enough to take them to court.

  12. Trying to move in the middle of a fricken blizzard. No moving company just diy and we decide to pack our closets in garbage bags that way nothing gets wet and to help us in pack.

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