THE WORLD THIS WEEK Coronavirus pandemic, oil price war, a world without sports

It is officially a pandemic. An out-of-the-blue coronavirus outbreak that has forced nations into lockdown mode, wreaked pandemonium on world markets, …


  1. One of the reasons for the low number of infected cases are perhaps they are mistaken as flu… in Hong Kong we did not do massive testing but all citizens are vigilant and wearing masks on daily basis…we also voluntarily cut down social gatherings, shut down schools and work from home. The measures are effective so far…

  2. @ 29:20 Well..the Slovakia and Poland situation actually makes sense…but you would have to have someone on the panel who actually knows any one thing about the CENTRAL EUROPE! But you French news only care about power countries : USA RUSSIA CHINA, western EU, OIL = middle east and your and brittish former colonies
    So pretty much all over the place just not central Europe, which I find hilarious…it is a small black hole for you people with Slovakia being in the middle of that black hole. And all you could sum up was laughing at your own lack of knowledge and ignorance. I like to see that form of responce in people who pride themselves with their increased levels of delayed gratification…and failing this miserably on this type of a public test.

  3. Look
    The transformation into 4th industrial revolution was held back by greedy corporations.
    Now the UBI (Universal Basic Income) seems as the only alternative.
    Vaccine is the only answer to this problem (and that might take 18 months minimum!!!)
    If anyone thinks that people have 18 months worth of cash at home, then you're trippin.
    Govt paying UBI to people to re-educate/re-train for jobs that can be done remotely.
    Govt and corps to increase automatisation of the economy.
    World governemnts to organize a plan of (temporatily) opening up world markets and tariffs and work together with African countries to spark a industry boom in agriculture in Africa that will help feed the USA, EU and China demand (all countries and markets in quaranteen).

    That way the whole planet will move towards the 4th industrial revolution (up the ladder together in these difficult days)
    It is time for humanity to take advantage of this situation and make full use of the hidden opportunities – and one opportunity is wast scale transformation!

  4. the new world order isn’t trying to create a new world from this one. They’ve had knowledge of the next earth catastrophe for thousands of years and plan to empty the stores, let everyone kill eachother, exactly half the population will die, put everyone on marshal law, and then a natural catastrophe will strike the the survivors of the purge/virus will be taken to underground bases or safe zones. They released the virus in China to destabilize they’re massive power structure and tried instigating a world war in Iraq to destabilize the Middle East. The catastrophe is coming either way and the new world order is here to inherit that world.

    Peace be with you. Comprehend what I just said.

  5. Its no good telling them. They have adopted the same approach all the while with a same interest profit margin all my life.The bankers and other operators know that people could do better than they have but when they want a credit deal or a politician to listen without any responsible attitude for money

  6. You keep lying about cdc budget cuts. There were none, that is pure leftist propaganda. There was one "agency" that had 4 people who duplicated what other agencies were doing so the administration folded them into another agency. That's where the lie started.

  7. Sweden is a disaster. The knowledge within the authorities are horrifyingly low and the approach sounds like something they picked up from 1930's German Nazi Party. Build up a herd immunity… so there is no danger to any other citizens other than the old people? The important thing is to get as many infected as fast as possible so that a herd immunity is built up. In that spirit the children of course are going to school — not because they are in danger but because they are the most prominent spreaders of the virus. And that is what they want: for the virus to get spread around. In Sweden they are not testing, haven't done since last week. My friend who's been sick since Wednesday immediately phoned authorities to be tested and was turned away when they heard that she hadn't been abroad, so it couldn't be corona. Now her boyfriend is sick, too. And his friend with kidney-failiure can just hope he is not infected.

  8. Wind closed unchanged today at $0 per cubic meter, and is at the same price as oneyear ago today, adding stability to business planning. Futures contracts
    remain unchanged at $0.
    After the break- we discuss the current and future cost of sun.

  9. It is the American who spread the virus all around the globe. Bill gates has promised more viruses and epidemics. The man has invested money (secretly with US government) in developing a software to document and register epidemics and pandemics for population control. He has been talking about it for few years while nobody took it seriously. Now it is happening. He also said that he is very happy to see the results of the first pandemic.. People wake up, the Americans are doing what they are best in – dominating others.

  10. It is a simple warning from mother nature to everyone to stop and cut emissions. Unnecessary travel & emission is credited to the west and the 1st world countries as these people have more money & more time.
    This pandemic directly warns us about the growing air & water pollution issues, growing anti- nature activities by humans which has resulted in such a threat.

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