1. Hey doc, I don't think you mentioned it in the video (if you did, please forgive me my english isn't too good), but in your medical opinion will cannabis use (mostly daily use) lead to a noticeable decrease in testosterone levels to the point of negatively affecting performance and or body composition? I'm a big fan of yours 🙂

  2. so what about getting high before lifting? it puts some people in the mood to workout and enjoy training music .But the blood pressure issue I've heard can be felt, especially when using the valsalva maneuver

  3. Any chance you can do a video summarizing the data on alcohol consumption and outcomes for strength training generally as well as effect on strength intra-workout (drinking and lifting simultaneously)?

  4. Did anyone really think that MJ was a performance enhancer?! I'm pretty sure that any builders that use it use it for pain relief after/between workouts and that's it.

    Side note, the upper respiratory cancers are an effect of burning the dried flower buds. Vaporizing or eating cooked concentrates circumvents this health risk. As for the obesity, those people don't work out.

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  6. Here’s a question you didn’t address that I’m curious on your opinion: You seem to come off with a subtle negativity about weed, maybe I’m reading into it too much. Anyways, I’ve noticed you occasionally put up pics or messages on IG about drinking wine, whiskey, *insert distinguished alcoholic beverage*. Given this, do you think that someone using weed with the same frequency that you do alcohol (for likely the same reasons, to relax and unwind) is worse off or has higher negative effects? Ie, if someone prefers marijuana over alcohol and uses it reasonably, 1-2 times per week, do you see any problem with it? If yes, what is in weed’s risk/reward profile that causes you to view reasonable alcohol usage as a better alternative?

    I'd also like to clarify that I am by no means advocating for weed as anything other than a drug that can be used recreationally. I think the idea that it is some magic cure for a variety of ailments lacks evidence. Additionally, most of these minor ailments that it 'cures' are probably nocebo'd in the first place and the weed placebos them out of it lol.

  7. Its a shame how most of the research is poorly done when there's so little of it. Everyone's heard of how smoking joints is worse than not smoking but better than tobacco, but every also has a different idea of how big a joint is. is it 1g?3g? a 7g shotgun looking thing? What about a bong vs vaporizer vs joint. Or edibles. i'd never call it a performance enhancing drug for a strength sport, but for a low-impact cardio reliant sport it could be. Also the quality of the herb is huge. If it's got pesticides on it, they're being inhaled too and likely don't have anything positive effect-wise. There was a researcher who was complaining about that being a major issue in the research since the DEA's samples for testing had mold in them. Right now so much of the research on both sides just seems dishonest and like it can be summed up just like alcohol- moderation likely matters more than anything

  8. An important factor to consider with pot and gainz is low appetite/sarcopenia. I had an stepaunt who at 49 had stage 4 cancer diagnosis and was given 2 months to live, end of life plan,no treatment plan. However, she had been 95 pounds at 5'7"for 3 years before the diagnosis. (incidentally she also has chron's disease which the chron's colitis association supports studying medical pot on their patients for a wide range of reasons/anecdotes as a huge percentage of sufferers already say they use it medically) Personally I did not believe she would die and thought it was her low bodyweight. I talked my step grandmother who she was moving in with to "die" into cooking her top 10 favorite foods over and over all day whether she eats it or not and giving her marijuana, just as a half court type of shot to try and see if we could turn things around. The first couple days the impending death diagnosis screwed up her appetite but after a couple days the pot starting making her hungry and she ate a bunch and a couple weeks later weighed 115. During her next checkup the doctors changed their mind about end of life and started her on chemo due to increased bodyweight. The cancer is now in remission and it's 3 years later and she has hair back and all that. For some people, the appetite benefits of pot can make all the difference in the world, particularly the types of folks who struggle to keep enough bodyweight.

  9. It is odd how you really pretty rarely see cannabis smokers who are obese. Maybe it's the fact that obesity itself is often caused by an addictive eating type pattern that might be substituted for other vices. You do often see people who quit cigarettes, alcohol, drugs turning to increased calorie intake to satisfy reward centers and thus gaining weight during recovery.

  10. I'm a fourth year pharmacy student and aspiring powerlifter, and I'm loving the research-based method of talking about cannabis vis-a-vis lifting. That was our last capstone presentation — cannabis. We left it on a high! Haha, loving it guys.

  11. Great lecture. I'm just going to link this video in the future when friends ask me what I think about marijuana use. I have a couple chronic disease, so I know a lot of people in the same boat. Many of them look to marijuana for treatment of their symptoms, which I think, in most cases, is counter productive given the side effects. You're far better off maximizing your health through solid programming, good diet, a set sleep/rest plan, and managing your social/psychological/emotional health well.

  12. Great video Jordan! The non-biased approach is always appreciated.
    I'm skeptical about WADA's testing methods.. After watching the documentary Icarus (2017) you can see how the athletes can "cheat" or manipulate the tests. It looks like most of the athletes use banned substances. It's about how many of them can "cheat" the tests and not about how many of them actually aren't using.

  13. Most of these negative effects (lung cancer, aerodigestive cancer,…) mentioned in this video, would this actually be caused by the weed itself or is the cause the smoking of it? I occasionally use weed with a vaporizer, this doesn't burn the weed but it vaporizes the active ingredients into a vapor. I would hope this is a lot less harmful?

    Also several of effects mentioned in the video is for people that use regularly (daily basis), I would assume that when you consume alcohol on a daily basis that would have a bunch of negative effects too.
    Let's say I use weed on occasion (on a weekly basis) I'd assume this is no more harmful than drinking alcohol on a weekly basis? (I like to make the comparison with alcohol because this is legal, while it is a hard drug, and a lot of people from a previous generation, like my parents, think this means it's less harmful).

  14. I'm a fan but sheesh, that was like swimming in porridge. Could have done with an upfront summary. Details after, like many scientific paper. Some of those stats were just parroted from unreliable sources.

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