The surge in methamphetamine overdose deaths

There has been an incredible surge in methamphetamine overdose deaths and In Ohio, the surge has been as much as 130%. Dr. James Sturmi, MD, American …


  1. This is very typical of information out there about Meth; it's sensationalized and not rooted in reality. The interview itself isn't wrong or sensationalized. But the title of this video is completely misleading and was obviously tacked onto this interview as a tactic to scare people from using meth. The doctor clearly says you don't overdose on meth like you would on Heroin. If you end up dying due to meth, it will be due to a complication in your health that was aggravated by meth use. Nobody dies instantaneously from Meth use. This interview actually addresses the spike in meth addiction NOT overdose.

  2. It’s been over 30 years and they still cannot develop a pharmacotherapy for amphetamine or methamphetamine. Amphetamine Is the only FDA prescribed drug that does not have a pharmacotherapy yet doctors hand out Adderall and Vyvanse like candy. Even cocaine has some mild pharmacotherapies like certain DAT inhibitors but there nothing for amph. I am mainly referring to amphetamine but the same goes for methamphetamine as a lot of the side effects and addictive properties are similar

    However, it’s important to keep in mind they are vastly different drugs. Just because it’s a similar structure does not mean there isn’t huge changes from that slight change. Side effects are night and day difference. The reason is because it targets different areas of the brain where it increases excessive extracellular dopamine which in turn produce neurotoxic dopaminergic metabolites even at mild doses.

    Amphetamine you have to take a well over 250mg/day for there to be any neurotoxicity that “the actual drug” is a direct cause of however secondary side effects like temperature regulation, dehydration, etc. all can induce neurotoxicity but any drug can do that.

    Amphetamine rapidly depletes dopamine leaving you chasing the high just in the sense of getting normal dopamine back as it’s so down-regulated but it also depletes important enzymes like tyrosine hydroxylase.

    Amphetamines main addictive properties come from not only nearly all neurotransmitter systems being this regulated but it does it’s the most damage to your actual DNA through epigenetic‘s entrance scription factors. That’s why pharmacotherapy hasn’t been easy because the effect it has on immediate early genes(IEG’s) with the downstream cascade is just a nightmare. The main culprit is the constant overexpression of DeltafosB which has been shown to be the brains addiction pathway. It’s definitely what’s doing the heavy lifting in amphetamine addiction but the chromatin remodeling is bad as well.

    What’s ridiculous is science already has developed DeltafosB antagonists but they have all been viral vectors. And DeltaJunD agonists will antagonize DeltafosB. The cure is an effective delta FSOB antagonist or DeltaJuneD agonist and what’s pathetic is they already have these in the form of viral vectors yet somehow can’t formulate a drug for pharmacotherapy? No excuse for that. There’s a lot of known about and feta mean I just don’t think they put enough research into it. Like take the histone deacetylases for example. They play a big role in the addiction aspect of the drug and HDAC1 knock out mice got virtually zero tolerance from experiments with amphetamine when regular mice became severely addicted and tolerance got high. So why the hell are they not prescribing some serious HDAC1 inhibitors?

    The reason is because risk of death from a seizure is very low on amphetamine and Uncle Sam profits too much off it. When people start dropping dead that’s when the government has to step in with pharmacotherapy which is why opiates have it and you have all sorts of anticonvulsants and barbiturates for benzodiazepine withdrawal, etc. but the mental suffering is not a concern for uncle Sam so that’s why pharmacotherapy is not a priority for amphetamine.

  3. Why is it not seen that history is filled with this surge""what" is he talking about started with prescriptions? It started with some fermentation of a juice drink way back that someone found to be was a poppy sprouted up out of the crevice of the earth,And its a big Ganja plant sitting in Oklahoma as a medical patients relief.The meth u talk of seems to be loss of profits last ditch effort for NAFTA agreements..more so ,I would think the prescription Industry and the people with means Are thinking of their next play.,If they dont the one that really move weight in our own country may continue to make this amphetimine by the truckload pretending to be some Cartel or severe type of people that arent just looking for a JOB.Thanks for reading my opinion.Maybe that adderol would do me good,but i stay hyped up and u folks make this 45 yr old white males blood boil.

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