1. ACE-2 receptors are where the virus attaches…

    ACE-2 is also where CBD attaches..

    Super saturation with cannabis (especially CBD) will decrease viral load … example ? HIV patients who medicate with cannabis have a lower viral load . HIV also attaches to ACE-2 receptors.

    – you're welcome, enjoy

  2. I'd say I'm a heavy cannabis smoker recently my flem had been clogging up my sineius until the other day when it got so bad that I has to stream my airways out I must of threw up a mug full of mucus the relief was unreal

  3. The blind leading the blind people who listen to these fools are idiots they say one thing then say a next please don’t listen to government puppets

  4. Dr. John is brilliant… I have been following him since the start of the Pandemic in the UK.

    He is super informative and will teach you what you won't hear on the news!

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