The Kim Gravel Show – John Schneider

A truly inspiring conversation with the legendary John Schneider about his extensive career in the entertainment industry, his new autobiography “My Life, My …


  1. I just happened upon your Kim of queens show about four months ago. I have two boys so I know nothing about pageants. However, the first episode I tuned in and said what the heck. From the start you were larger than life. You were beautiful and full figured. I loved that. You were very funny and I could tell you really loved those girls and were trying to teach them life skills. Today, especially in school children don't learn life skills, they really don't learn in general. Keep doing what you do. God bless you.

  2. hi kim, ive just wanted to let you know i’ve been watching Kim of Queens and now i really want to participate in a pageant but don’t know how too! you’ve inspired me though so thank you!

  3. Hey Kim!!! I am currently on my sisters youtube account and just got done watching MORE Kim of Queens! I've always dreamed of being on the show HAHA but I love you and the show and your confidence and bubbly personality really boosts me up! LOVE YOU GIRLLLL!!!!!!!

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