1. Daaaaaam finally fucking found ur channel! Was stoned on a YouTube bender one night and found ur channel- watched like 8 videos and enjoyed them all- FINALLY today I stumbled upon it today! You bet I hit subscribe this time so I won’t loose ya!

  2. Yo I can't wait to come back home to San Francisco.. the first thing I'm going to do is go get about three Ursa cartridges and blaze out.. thanks for the videos… They really help me narrow down to one or two products.. I was all set to check out the raw garden but after watching your videos of top five and ursa came in first both times I think I'm going to go with those guys at Ursa and see what's up.. thanks young homie.. maybe I'll stop by and let you know how it went.. 👍

  3. I’m from cali and the first ursa I tried had dimonds in it when it was finished you can see em that shit was fire best out at the time same flavor blueberry muffin tasty af they only had a few batches of those and cane out with those weak ass yellow lookin sauce

  4. Our cartridge game here in Ohio is definitely nowhere near what you have out in California, but I noticed on my local medical dispensary menu that they have a "Live Resin Sauce Jilly Vape Pen" made by Standard Wellness, with 308 mg of THC and 0 CBD in a half gram cartridge for $80. That seems really expensive to me, especially considering that you can get a half gram Standard Wellness distillate cartridge there for $45. Is the live resin sauce cartridge worth the extra money?

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