The 2020 Garden Of Weeden || Growing Cannabis With Seed Sprouted Teas || April 7

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  1. Man.. I appreciate that you're sharing that SSTs are good and a little bit of your methodology, but I came here for a breakdown on the benefits of the SSTs. I was heartbroken when you said "I could dive in super deep into the nitty gritty, but to be quite honest it would bore you guys" like, let me skip it if I want to. Much love man, but hope you'll take this to heart in future videos.

  2. corn mungbean alfalfa barley

    Dose: 1 cup/10 gallons, 1/2 cup for alfalfa

    Veg: alfalfa and barley
    Flower: corn & mung bean
    Flower, week 4/5: corn, mungbean and barley

  3. Hello from Russia, man! I like your style of growing . You are Awesome ! Will your recepe work in pure Coco growing? Continue to lead all gromies of the world!

  4. How exactly do you make the tea? Do you plant the seeds or Do you add the seeds directly to water? Does it have to ferment? Do you make 3 separate teas and add them individually or do you mix them together? How much tea do you use for each plant? Sorry to be a pain in the a$$, just curious of exactly how to make the tea and how you add them to the plants, thanks growmie

  5. @KaliGrownBuds got a question for you ? Do you to be growing no till to use seed sprout teas or can I work if your using just soil ? Thank you in advance 👍🏻

  6. KGB, does the seeds have to be organic…especially the popcorn? I found the feed supply near me that sells popcorn and barley seeds, but they're not certified organic.

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