Thank you, cannabis workers.

America’s 243000-strong cannabis workers have clocked in for an essential role in the COVID-19 pandemic. Resolve to thank them today, and going forward.


  1. The thanks that people give is the thanks they deserve and more. My 25 year old daughter works in the industry. I am a cancer survivor. She has been surrounded by people who are not able to cope with the current situation. Yet, she faithfully trucks to and from work putting herself and her family on the front line of this virus . There should be more pay and insurance for these young adults who are warriors in my eyes. Without cannibus I probably wouldn't be alive . So thank them often and be generous with the tips. Minuim wages are not enough to survive.

  2. is ironic, because thanks to the cannabis companies and workers, and thanks to the tazes generated by this industry and workers, different states count with enough money to fight against covid19. Support your local Cannabis workers!!. Cheers from Chile guys, thanks for your work! and thanks to every Cannabis worker in the world!!!

  3. Thank you for this, as a bud tender this is one of the most trying times. People are scared, people are anxious, they need their medicine and recreational needs. Just remember be kind When waiting in long lines, we are trying the best we can. Happy 420 everyone

  4. im working during corona, im basically invisible too, i take care of dogs for a living when people can't, and we groom dogs. people forget this is essential . also dont think ill be getting anything extra for working during corona other than my normal paycheck..

  5. There needs to be a charity I can donate to, I feel like we need to make a difference to help the little Mom&Pop shops struggling so hard during all this, I feel helpless to do anything being that I'm from New York

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