Surprise Grow under SF4000 Harvest! + Grow room update under Mars Hydro.

Here’s the numbers for that surprise grow I had in the 4×4 that was under the spider farmer sf4000. I’m really pleased with the results and I’m happy to be …


  1. Im a new sub to your channel.I live your videos, your doing an amazing job.I just purchased a 4×8 grow tent, what do you think i should get for LED lights?
    I was thinking 2 x Marshydro TSW 2000.

  2. I'm not criticizing but could you slow the camera down a little, I'm getting whiplash when you whip around like that, plus I'm an old fucker. I know it takes practice, your cool. Thanks for the vid.

  3. For those small bubbler jacuzzis my advice , roots lean and stray towards the air stones themselves , get the long slender stones for each side of tote root growth will increase by far

  4. Are all your grows with LED? would love to pick your brain as im living in Spain where we are coming into them low 30'c so need to find a light to keep the temp down at 25'c

  5. If you had to pick 1 the 2000 or the 250 which would you pick ? I order the 250 and paid then got a notice it is backorder with no known restock date they have said they will swap for the 2000 just wanted ask someone who has both . Thanks for any info

  6. Just wanted to put a little info out there about SEEDSMAN, so all there seeds of late are not popping, i am currently at zero of 25 seeds to pop, ive got 24 years of growing, never had this issue ever b4, pretty sad and they dont care at all

  7. You just need a cover to keep the humidity high but what you made it will work. I use a aero cloner and have great results and before I had a cover I would just use a spray bottle and mist your cuts a few times a day to help them with humidity.

  8. Hey bro the girls are lookin pretty good man.You should definitely be feeding with composte teas and seed sprouted teas(sst's)Right now in flower you should be feeding large amounts of potassium..mung bean sprouts,canteloupe,banana's!! Try these and you will never look back!!!

  9. Loving your garden 👍 a like as always from me. I might be picking your brain as ive made the jump from chems ( canna) to organic ( dr Earth) but ive made life hard by, should of stuck with my normal cut from my mum in the 2×4 but went with some autos, i also dimmed both drivers on my SF4000 about 50w ( that dial is sensitive as fuck) i am in week 4 now but got a crazy magnesium deficiency ( dr earth has lots of calcium but not enough magnesium & my water is very hard so with coco i need to add Epsom salts… i installed cyberghost on my laptop so im posting from Colorado not London ( things we gotta do eh 😁) but take a look i uploaded a short vid just to see how/ what YT make you do etc but ive a few old vids with my gavita/ canna etc and ill be posting i just hipe im as successful at organics as you…..take a look 3 autos at 25 days and 4 seeds ( Alaskan purps) just popped this week…oh aloe vera plants are great for taking cuts, fuck cloning gel take a bit off the Aloe Vera leaf and dip your cut inside, they root like a mofo and chem free….laters dude ( take a look its not even a min long ) stay lucky & healthy 👍👍👍

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