Surgeon General advises hospitals to cancel elective surgeries

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Saturday urged a widespread halt of hospital elective procedures. The warning from the nation’s top doctor comes amid …


  1. Some of these elective surgery’s are more then that, mins causes me pain all day and all night no sleep. Can’t urinate I sit for30 45 mins mins on Tolilet and maybe I can pee a drop or two, I can’t poo hardly ever, or when I do after for weeks I cannot go and I pop cause I can’t hold it or make it to bath room. on myself because my nerves in my back on messes up. This will be my second back surgery to fix up the mess up I much need surgery word, I see this ass a much need I can’t walk with out falling at least 4 to 5 times a day I lay on a heating pad all day and night in pain from my back, but tuck, and both lefgs to my feet, all night and all day I use a can’t to go to bathroom and kitchen the rest of time I am in bed. This elective crap cancel my surgery I waited for and desperately needed I do not feel is just elective, if I am having all this issues, and everyday my pain is worse and pain level goes up, I’m am above a 20, I mad at 15 now… I am a need surgery, it’s so embrassing to fall, I’m on blood thinners what if I fall hit myself head no ones home I’ll be in real trouble them… I could bleed to death, theta is another brother, I’m home a lot I’m falling what if I can’t get up on4 time.]

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